Friday, March 08, 2013

True Romance on Captive

Setting:    Britannia 51 AD

Subgenre:   Historical, Erotic Romance with Fantasy Elements

Hero:       Bren, undercover warrior-spy in the Roman Legions

Heroine:    Morwyn, kick-ass Druid priestess

One sentence summary:

 A tortured warrior and rebellious Druid priestess have to overcome their past, put their trust in each other and face their deepest fears if they want to survive the invasion of their lands and the wrath of a spurned goddess. 

Scene you like most and would never cut:

 There’s a scene in the middle of the book where Morwyn witnesses Bren doing something that shakes her to her core. The decision she makes – to stay with him instead of escaping – makes her face how much this man means to her. It’s an equally pivotal moment for Bren as he realizes that Morwyn is prepared to stick by him, no matter how low she believes he’s sunk.

Thing your heroine would never be caught dead doing/saying:

 I can’t imagine Morwyn ever saying something like this: “Yes, dear. Anything you say, dear.”  If she doesn’t agree with something she has no hesitation in letting her views be known :-)
What celebrity is your hero like:

 I never really base my hero or heroine on celebrities, but if a movie was to be made of Captive (a girl can dream, right?!) then I’d be very happy if Clive Owen took the role J I think my editor would be very happy with that too! Alternatively, I’m a bit obsessed with Henry Cavill (Sussex in The Tudors) at the moment. He’d have to roughen up a bit, there’s nothing polished about Bren, but he is closer in age to my hero than Clive is. 

What celebrity is your heroine like:

 Oh this is a hard one. When Bren first meets Morwyn she’s under attack and he rescues her (much to her disgust). She is very feminine and brings out his protective streak. But she is also tough and a warrior in her own right, so whoever played her in the movie of Captive (whoops, there I go again!) would have to be able to show these aspects of her character. I’m thinking Jessica Alba, when she was in Dark Angel.

What is your heroine's occupation, or if unemployed, what should she be doing:

 Morwyn is an acolyte of the great goddess, the Morrigan. Almost fully trained before the invasion of the Romans, Morwyn is a powerful Druid priestess but at the start of Captive has turned her back on her calling.

What is your hero's occupation, or if unemployed, what should he be doing:

Bren is a tough warrior who, three years ago, took on another man’s identity in order to infiltrate the Roman Legions. He is completely loyal to his king and dedicated to ridding his land of the invaders.

 What you think readers will like best about this book:

 Bren is horribly tortured by the brutal events in his past. Because of this, he’s locked his heart away and constructed an impenetrable shield around his emotions. I think readers will enjoy how both Bren and Morwyn fight their attraction for each other, and watching how Bren’s barriers are demolished by Morwyn. 

The person that readers want you to write about but you haven't yet:

 I had several readers wanting to know what happened to Gawain, a Celt warrior from my debut romance, Forbidden. I wanted to know what happened to him as well. Then I started writing Captive and found out. I was a bit choked!!

This was first published on the Borders True Romance blog in February 2011.

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