Friday, July 29, 2011


When I was a member of the editorial team for the Romance Writers of Australia's monthly newsletter, the very wonderful Eleni Konstantine use to send me the best lolcats to add to my page of writerly snippets. I loved those pics so much! I really miss not using them. And since I have a few spare I thought I'd post them over the next few Fridays. Just so everyone can see how clever Eleni is!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

RWAus Top 15 Favourite Covers

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Romance Writers of Australia. To help celebrate, the RWA held a 20 Years of Romance Covers contest, where authors submitted their fave book cover from the last 20 years. There were so many gorgeous covers! The results have just come through and I'm delighted that Captive made the top 15!! The full list of finalists can be found here. The winner will be announced at the RWA conference in August.

Go Bren and Morwyn!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Doctors & Fever Cure

All this week my good friend Phillipa Ashley has been chatting about hot doctors over on her blog to help celebrate the release of Fever Cure from Samhain. Today I'm partying with Phillipa and sharing one of my fave movie doctors - can you guess who I chose?! Pop on over and join in the fun, we even have photos!!!

Phillipa will be popping over here some time next week but to whet your appetite here's the blurb for FC!

The road to heartbreak is paved with honorable intentions…

After a year dealing with her mum’s health scare and the end of a bad relationship, Keira Grayson was looking forward to kicking up her heels at her best friend’s wedding. Until she kicks off her (spare) knickers in front of the trifecta of perfection. Tom Carew. Son of an earl, honorable doctor and possibly the hottest man on the planet.

One look at Keira’s delightful embarrassment, and Tom’s hormone meter spins off the charts. Trouble is, his bags are already packed to return to the jungles of Papua New Guinea. He has patients waiting—and amends to make for a terrible choice that left devastation in its wake.

They both reason that indulging in a one-time dinner date won’t hurt…until their inhibitions melt away in the heat of their lethal sexual chemistry. Leaving Keira wondering if a sizzling fling is just what the doctor ordered, or another prescription for relationship disaster. And Tom fighting a battle against inner demons that could shatter both their hearts.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Cucumber Break

I made the deadline for my latest book and sent it to my lovely editor at 5 pm last Wednesday (deadline day!). Talk about cutting it fine. That's the one good thing about the 12 hour time difference between here and New York!! It's just as well I had no choice but to hit Send since otherwise I would've gone through the entire book yet again.

So, after crashing for a couple of days and using up an entire cucumber on my poor sore eyes, I thought I'd have a week or so to tidy up the house and clear my desk. But by Friday afternoon I started getting that twitchy feeling. The one that's a prelude to me sliding into a grumpy, cantankerous witch (because in real life I'm not like that at all!!) It's like a mild anxiety attack hovering beneath the surface and it always hits me when I'm not in the middle of writing something.

Despite not having the faintest clue last Wednesday on what I should write next, by Sunday a heroine had taken up residence in my mind and refused to leave. Unfortunately, considering the hero who's her perfect match, it's impossible for her to be in the next book. Not that this fact shut her up, incidentally. So I've spent the last few days frantically trying to coax my next hero's soul mate into revealing herself. I hope she doesn't take too long because I'm itching to start writing again!

I never did get around to clearing off my desk either!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ancient Historical Summer Beach Reads

My lovely writing friend, Alli Sinclair, has listed her top ancient historical Summer Beach Reads over at her blog, Novel Adventurers and I'm completely thrilled that she's included both Forbidden and Captive! If you love ancient historicals then pop on over and check out her fabulous list!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Galactic Burn

Congratulations to my good writing buddy Mel Teshco on the release of Galactic Burn today! Can't wait to read it :-) Check out this scorching blurb:

Humans have been almost wiped out. Only a few females are recovering from the devastation. The same deadly virus annihilated the female population of a mighty alien nation and their three kings—Dar, Ezra and Maddox—are looking for one special female, Lillian, to capture and seduce.
Though Lillian survived, she has no memory and struggles with the fact that three alien men have become her lovers. One by one, they take her, make her burn for release and satisfy her every sexual need. She craves their touches, their kisses, their comforting embraces while forming strong emotional bonds with each. Lillian is falling for her sexy aliens and agrees to become their life mate in a special ceremony—her three males will make love to Lillian as all the surviving alien males watch.

But, as the ceremony nears, Lillian begins to remember. The aliens lied and covered up the horrible truth. Their happy, new life together might not be possible after all.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Forbidden at Sizzling Summer Reads

The contest to win a copy of Forbidden is up on The Romance Review site now if you want to join in - you have to scroll down a little way to get to my question. The answer is up on my website in the excerpt for Forbidden - and here's an additional hint, it can be found on the second page of the excerpt!

Still love this cover to bits!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Two Wonderful Little Words: The End!

Today, about five minutes ago in fact, I type THE END on my current book. Hooray! what a relief. I feel like I've been writing this book all year! (probably because I have, more or less!!) Now it just needs a good polish and as it came in at almost 103,500 words I need to cut back to 100k, so that should be fun. Ha ha, or not!

But although it feels like I've been writing this book forever, when I checked my diary I realised it's been five months and two weeks. Considering this includes a complete rewrite of 70k I guess this isn't too bad after all. On the downside I suppose this also means I have no more excuses not to clear the mess that is my desk!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Sizzling Summer Reads!

Here in Australia we're in the depths of winter (it's cold and wet as I write this!!!) but happily I'm joining in a sizzling summer party over at The Romance Reviews during the month of July!

All month there's going to be fab contests with awesome prizes and the chance to chat with amazing authors. I'm over there on 11th July with an easy-peasy question to be in with the chance of winning a copy of Forbidden. The answer to the question (you'll have to pop over to TRR on 11th to discover what it is!!!) can be found by reading the excerpt of Forbidden on my website (told you it was easy!)

All you need to do to join in the summer fun is register at TRR and that's it! I hope to see you over there on Monday 11th July!!