Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, I posted off my form for the RWA Roadshow which is coming to Perth next month, so am pretty excited about that. The other thing I'm pretty excited about is the strong possibility I'm going to the RWNZ conference in August! My husband truly is a saint.

So, only another four months until I get together again with Amanda and Sara and we can get happily plastered *ahem* I mean do plenty of brainstorming. It will also be great to see all the other ladies I briefly met last year. Hopefully this year I won't be so brain dead and will actually remember to take lots of photos of everyone!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Procrastination yet again... it's becoming a habit

The only problem with taking a hiatus from writing is... well, it can be kind of hard to get back into the swing of it again. Take today for example. I was all fired up to get out really early, take daughter #2 to catch the 7.30 train (ok so that's not really early, but close enough!!) go to the gym, get the shopping and be home before 9.30 to squeeze in a couple of hours writing before taking my son round to his friend's.

So what did I do?

Everything but the writing. Sigh.

Yesterday, just to refresh my mind, I read the last chapter and actually really enjoyed it. Unfortunately it didn't make me want to carry on writing it, just carry on reading it. But until I've put words on document that just isnt going to happen. Partly my reluctance to continue (apart from the fact I'm just a completely lazy moo, of course!) is wondering whether Nocturne will be even the slightest bit interested in my Bite. My wip is located in the same world, and the hero in this one was a minor character in that one.

I've decided that if Nocturne pass, I'm going to revamp the Bite into a full length novel and submit to agents, because despite evidence to the contrary (!!) I am very much in love with all these characters and the various strange plot ideas churning around my mind. All I have to do is work out in which order these events happen, and how on earth my hero and heroine are going to manage their HEA, considering the fate I have in mind for them at the moment...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Not that I'm Obsessed by Coffee... but...

We saw my auntie off to Brisbane this morning, where she's visiting other rellies for a few days before returning to WA, staying with my brother up in Perth before coming back to us for another week. I have to keep reminding myself she's eighty, because she sure doesn't act like it!!

In other news, my husband has finally given in to his baser urges and this afternoon turned up with... ta da... a coffee maker!! As I write he's out in the kitchen playing about with his new toy. I keep hearing it give loud splurting noises so I'm assuming all is well. The only problem is, it looks very high tech and shiny and I'm not at all convinced I'll be able to make the damn thing work. It took us almost five minutes just to find the ON button!

In writerly news, I'm thinking of going to the RWAus Romance Roadshow, a one day mini conference which is coming to Perth next month. It sounds huge fun and will be good to meet other writers in the state!

And happy Birthday Amanda, aka Baby Witch!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Still Kicking

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth (not quite anyway) but it feels like it as I haven't been able to get online nearly as much as I should for my health! My lovely auntie is visiting from the UK today, so of course I had to make the house presentable. The only trouble is once you start down that dangerous road, it's never ending!!

Anyway, finally got it up to scratch after enlisting the assitance of two of the offspring and one darling husband. It's been six years since she's been over, so we're all looking forward to seeing her - but it does mean I won't be able to hop on the computer much over the next few days to check out what everyone's been up to. Friday afternoon and I'll definitely be there!!

(did I mention the writing... um, no I didn't... well, the good news is I think I've finally cracked the sluggy block I had. The not so good news is I have to wait nearly a week before I can get back to it!!)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Coffee Lovers Alert

Was I a happy bunny when I read this report on the BBC News website. Apparently, research suggests that a cup of coffee a day protects the vital blood brain barrier against attack by cholesterol. High levels of cholesterol, in case you wanted to know, can make this barrier leaky. But I'm not going there... where I'm going is here. Coffee is good for you!!!

So now whenever I buy a takeaway latte I can forego my pangs of guilt and greed, and instead drink it with pride, in public, because it's not just making me wobbly around the middle it's protecting my brain!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Guest Blogging Today!

I'm guest blogging today over at the fabulous Shelley Munro's blog, on the subject of Adventures of an Aspiring Romance Writer! If you have a moment I would love for you to pop over and say hi! Shelley is generously giving away a download of her first Middlemarch Mates books, Scarlet Woman, to one lucky commenter. Hope to see you there!