Monday, September 23, 2013

Six Pack Stud-a-Thon & Chris Hemsworth Inspiration

Welcome to the first annual Six-Pack Stud-a-Thon!

I don't often have a specific actor or model in mind when I write my heroes, but Gawain, the tough Celt warrior of my latest release, Tainted, reminded me of the gorgeous Chris Hemsworth, especially in his Thor role :-) So when I received the cover I was pretty excited - look at those biceps! What's not to love  :-)

A dangerous love Rome will never allow…

"To say I loved this book is an understatement.  This book is a must read!  5 books!!!” I Feel the Need, the Need to Read

“Tainted is bursting with lush eroticism and riveting romance…5 Stars  A Readers Review

“…If you like raw, erotic but romantic stories with a hero you are bound to fall for and heroine you can’t help but admire, then I highly recommend Tainted” 5 Stars Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains

Ellora’s Cave      Amazon      Amazon UK      ARe      Kobo

The men of LaBare Dallas, Del Green, Justin Whitfield, Jeremy Mooney along with a host of other models/trainers will be warming your screens with sexy pics and yummy prizes! They are working with this blog tour in exchange for social media love. In payment for their delicious bodies being pimped out they are donating prizes for the Grand Prize:

Don't forget to enter the rafflecopter contest below to be entered into the Grand Prize and leave a comment (with your email address) to be entered into my drawing for a copy of my erotic vampire romance, Bloodlust Denied!


“The dangerous, addictive passion that singes the main characters is all-encompassing…”

“I wanted to figure out what was going on and why the two had such fiery chemistry: their sex scenes (and they were frequent) leapt off the pages to tickle and entice in all the right places like a giant steam bath.”  4 Stars The Jeep Diva

"Sultry and seductive, Bloodlust Denied is both intriguing and romantic." 4 Stars You Gotta Read Reviews

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And here's the link to all the other fabulous bloggers who are taking part in this sexy hop! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ BLOODLUST DENIED ~ Enemies to Lovers


Welcome to my second My Sexy Saturday!  Every week published and unpublished authors share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published book.

“The dangerous, addictive passion that singes the main characters is all-encompassing…”

Today I'm sharing 7 paragraphs from my vampire Regency romance, Bloodlust Denied. This is the scene where the hero Alexius and heroine Morana have just met, and passion ignites between them :-)

He slid his other hand around her neck. The cool silk of her hair caressed his knuckles, as the tips of his fingers caressed her tender flesh. He inhaled her fresh, clean scent, rose petals and raindrops and something else, something he had never before encountered. Something dark and dangerous and so violently arousing, it momentarily obliterated the overwhelming lure of her luscious blood.

She tilted her head, exposing the pale column of her throat to his ravening gaze. Without conscious thought he lowered his head, and drifted his mouth across her tempting skin. He could feel the frantic beat of her pulse vibrating against his lips, against the tip of his searching tongue. His fangs pierced his gums, aching with need and want and rising desperation, yet unaccountably he held back.

Echoes from another time whispered through his mind, but the time was now and the echoes were the seductive strains of the violin. Yet the music was inside his brain, inside his empty heart, twisting through his veins and pounding along his rigid shaft.

He nibbled kisses along her throat, savoring the sensation of her fluttering pulse, the torture of feeling the rush of her blood beneath the flimsy barrier of flesh, and the evocative scent of ethereal rose gardens.

“I could take you now.” His hoarse whisper teased her earlobe. This woman aroused him to a degree he’d long since forgotten existed.

“Then take me now.” Her panted command arrowed straight to his throbbing cock, the sensation so acute for one incredulous second his fearsome control wavered.

No woman could exert such power over him. He would come only at his own command and no one else’s.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Gardener's Sins ~ An Erotic Historical Menage

Today I'm so happy to share fellow Aussie author Alysha Ellis' new release, The Gardener's Sins. This is a hot historical menage ~ enjoy!


Alysha Ellis lives in Australia and when she isn’t busy drinking champagne, eating chocolate and letting her inner tart run free, she writes erotic comedy. Her favourite quote comes from Mae West… A hard man is good to find. Who could argue with that? Alysha tries very hard to be bad, because bad girls have all the fun.


The gardener's sin is my lord and lady's pleasure.

The daughter of an earl, Lady Mary Linden never noticed the servants who toiled on her father’s estate. But her aristocratic blindness shatters when she meets Drake, the head gardener. Drake shows her sensuous delights she could not have dreamed of. Just when she thinks he has taught her all there is to know, Drake introduces a new player into their game…Mary’s cousin Harry.

What they did was surely a sin…but a sin too delicious to give up.

Reader Advisory: This book involves ménage scenes with a lady, her cousin and the gardener.

Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the At Your Service anthology by Total-E-Bound

    Total E-Bound      Amazon

Connect with Alysha!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Sexy Saturday ~ TAINTED ~ Enemies to Lovers

This is my first week participating in My Sexy Saturday! Every week published and unpublished authors share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published book.

I'm going to share seven paragraphs from my recent release, Tainted, an erotic romance between a tough Celtic warrior and his beautiful Roman noblewoman. This is the first time Gawain and Antonia meet, and illicit passion ignites between them :-)

A dangerous love Rome will never allow...

Once again he smiled, but this time it was a smile of masculine satisfaction without a trace of his former mockery. Strange little darts of desire attacked low, between her thighs, and disbelief spiked through her as decadent warmth slid sensuously through her damp channel.

Her fingers twitched as the outrageous notion to push her hand between her thighs and press against her throbbing core fluttered through her distracted mind. Desperately she tried to concentrate on their conversation and not the exquisite sensations cascading through her breast and belly. But the man before her was the cause, and she could not look away.

“I have no wish for you to fear me, Antonia.” She scarcely registered his lack of deference for her rank as the tip of his finger traced over her wrist. “I would never hurt you.” His finger trailed along the back of her hand, perilously close to where her fingers clutched her gown on her lap.

Paralyzed, she stared at him and imagined, instead, how it would feel if Gawain slid his hand between her tightly pressed thighs. The thought scorched her senses and another exquisite wave of damp lust teased her swollen folds.

Did he know the affect he had on her? It was a mortifying thought. She struggled to regain control of her senses, the use of her voice. And only then did the scandalous impropriety of his touch finally occur to her.

She should pull her hand away. Stand up. Put distance between them. He might be a kin of her hostess, but he had no right to touch her so. No right to cause such shocking sensations to ricochet through her body with little more than a smoldering glance.

But the shameful truth was, she enjoyed his touch. Even if all it comprised was the tip of one finger tracing across her knuckles. Where, earlier, his lips had also caressed.

Available from

Ellora’s Cave      Amazon      Amazon UK      ARe      Kobo

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday 13th! TAINTED ~ 5 Stars ~ "Epic love... raw, erotic but romantic"

Tainted has received another amazing 5 Star review from Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains with a Thumbs-Up Thursday! Here is a snippet:

"The biggest appeal in the beginning is Gawain. The beautiful Cambrian warrior. I'm a sucker for warrior type men. Big, beautiful bodies, strong, commanding tendencies and a real belief in duty and heritage. But Gawain is written so beautifully that his alpha male ways are never dampened by his moments of kindness and compassion. I dare you not to fall in love with him...

"And Antonia. Lovely, Antonia. She appears fragile, ethereal, beautiful. I find I'm quite a fan of these slightly delicate heroines that only reveal their strength to us as the story progresses... strength can come from within and I admire a writer who recognises that. And as a reader, you immediately feel sympathy for her as we learn of the things she has endured during her time in Rome with the husband who has now abandoned her after she cannot deliver any sons to term.

What starts out as an extremely erotic, yet thoroughly sensual and beautiful relationship between Gawain and Antonia, soon turns into what I could quite easily class as epic love. It's the kind of story where everyone is against them and you can't see how they could possibly be together yet you yearn for it so much your heart aches. They come together very quickly but the chemistry is so intense and Antonia's reasonings so logical that is doesn't seem rushed and it's easy to see why they fall for each other." 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hot Rocker Hero ~ PAST REGRETS by Shelley Munro + Giveaway!!

Today I'm delighted to welcome my good friend Shelley Munro, who has a hot new contemporary release out today from Samhain Publishing Past Regrets.

I've known Shelley for years although we've only met once at my last NZ conference, and she is absolutely gorgeous :-)

And look at this sexylicious cover!!

Shelley is holding a fabulous giveaway ~ don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter below to be in with a chance to win!!

 Give us an elevator pitch for your book, Past Regrets.

Julia Maxwell wants to divorce her husband’s cheatin’ ass and move on with her life, but Ryan Callander has no intention of letting the woman he loves end their marriage.

Where did the inspiration for your book come from, and how much research have you needed to do during the writing of your spicy contemporary romance?

The Love and Friendship series started with The Bottom Line. I wanted to write a story about a group of friends. In my usual pantser way I wasn’t sure how many friends until I started writing. It turned out there were five friends, known as the Tight Five, which is a rugby term. Two of the friends hooked up in the first book. Past Regrets is the second book in the series and features Julia. We learn a little about Julia in The Bottom Line and all the readers’ questions are answered in Past Regrets.

I did a little research about burlesque, which plays a part in Past Regrets. The action is set mainly in Auckland and a little in Mt. Mauganui, both places I’m familiar with, so all of the setting stuff was already in my brain. Once I got past the first chapter this story practically wrote itself.

Describe the sights, sounds and scents we might experience if we were to visit Julia during a normal day.

Maxwell’s is a nightclub on K’ Road in central Auckland, and the club has been in Julia’s family for several generations. Julia’s mother has health problems and the club has become run down. Julia and her friends change the name from the Last Frontier to Maxwell’s. At the start of Past Regrets Julia takes over running the club and closes it down for a redecoration.  She’s busy training new dancers so the sound of loud music rocks the club. Julia is a stern task master and all the dancers are exhausted and hot and sweaty. The scent of paint fills the air since Connor’s rugby team has repainted the walls for Julia. There’s a faint scent of cigarette smoke in a few places, depending where you’re standing because the customers used to be heavy smokers. Thankfully there’s no smoking indoors due to law changes but some of the old furnishings still smell of smoke.

And finally, Ryan, Julia’s husband has arrived with his friend Caleb. They’re practicing their new songs in the corner, strumming their guitars and singing a few of the lyrics.

It’s all go at Maxwell’s.

Why do you write romance, and what is it about contemporary romance that attracts you to the genre?

I like the predictability of romances and the knowledge that there will be a happy resolution at the end of the story. That’s what I like reading, and the reason I started writing romance too. While the end might be prediction—we know the couple will get together eventually—the plots and the twist and turns in the relationships vary from book to book. I think of romances as happy and uplifting. If I want reality and grit, I can watch the evening news!

When it comes to genre I’m equal opportunity and like to change it up by writing different genres. At present I’m writing mainly contemporary stories, but I do divert into historical and paranormal when the urge strikes me.

Is there any part of the writing process that you find particularly challenging and why?

The hardest thing for me is keeping my butt in a chair and getting the first draft down. It’s also the part I enjoy most, but sometimes the words come out kicking and screaming and it’s plain hard work. When that happens, I usually head to one of my favorite cafes and write there. In a café it’s not as easy to get up and wander around. If I do someone is likely to steal my seat, so that’s an incentive to keep working away until my daily word count is done.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received as a writer?

I’ve received a lot of great advice since I started writing. One thing that seems obvious to me and advice I’ve always subscribed to is to read a lot and widely throughout the genres. This serves two purposes. One, you get to read the latest releases and the work that editors are buying or readers are finding enjoyable and two, reading is a learning tool. Even if I don’t enjoy a book, I’m taking mental notes and analyzing why a book isn’t working for me so I can make sure I don’t do the same thing when it comes to my own writing.

Now a question for you – Do you like the current trend of cliffhanger endings?


Never look back…unless that’s where your heart belongs.

Julia Maxwell was a seize-the-moment party girl until the night she spent with up-and-coming rocker Ryan Callander. From that moment, she was a one-man woman. Pity he hasn’t kept with the program.
Tired of the secrets that have kept her out of the press and Ryan’s fans happy, angry with mounting evidence of infidelity, Julia is older, wiser, and determined to divorce his cheatin’ ass.

Ryan’s long European tour had more than its share of hard knocks—one of which landed on his head when he was mugged. Divorce papers waiting for him at home are a shock that fills in some of the holes in his sketchy memory. But it could be too late to salvage his marriage.

If Ryan thinks flirtatious smiles, seductive touches, and hot-and-heavy kisses are going to smooth things over, Julia’s got a hammer with his name on it. To her surprise, he picks it up, determined to rebuild a bright future for both of them. But the past is lurking with some missing pieces that could bring their hearts crashing down.

Warning: Contains a pissed ex-stripper turned burlesque dancer, a bunch of nosy friends and a smooth-talking rocker with one thing on his mind. Stripper poles and skimpy costumes may be involved.

Purchase links:

Shelley Munro - Bio

Shelley Munro is tall and curvaceous with blue eyes and a smile that turns masculine heads everywhere she goes. She’s a university tutor and an explorer/treasure hunter during her vacations. Skilled with weapons and combat, she is currently in talks with a producer about a television series based on her world adventures.
Shelley is also a writer blessed with a VERY vivid imagination and lives with her own hero in New Zealand. She writes mainly erotic romance in the contemporary, paranormal and historical genres for publishers Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing. You can learn more about Shelley and her books at the links below: 

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Demons, Dragons and Fairies ~ Fab YA Romances!

Today I'm delighted to spotlight Amanda Ashby's wonderful YA romances. Amanda and I have been friends and CPs for ten years now, and I am not in the least bit biased when it comes to her books :-)

Here's the low down on Amanda taken straight from her website, so you know it's true.

"I write Young Adult and Middle Grade books about very serious matters that have absolutely nothing to do with Skittles, badly behaved djinns and demon knights that will make you go weak at the knees. I also have a great fondness for housework and can never be found watching television."


An ancient myth + a mean girl + a reluctant warrior = a lively take on good vs. evil

The Black Rose–a powerful ancient force–has been let loose and has taken up residence in Celeste Gibson, popular girl at Cassidy Carter-Lewis’ high school. Thomas Delacroix is the spirit of a fourteenth-century knight who is devoted to protecting the Black Rose, but he needs a contemporary living being to take on the challenge. That’s where Cassidy comes in.

She’s a quirky high school junior who just wants to dress in her vintage clothes, hang out with her best friend, and take care of her father, who is recovering from surgery. She’s the last person who would ever volunteer for such a task, but no one actually asked her.  Now, like it or not, she finds herself training before dawn and battling demons at parties, the mall, and even at school. But hey, no one ever said high school was going to be easy.

"With her usual wit and humor, Ashby (Fairy Bad Day, 2011) takes on the question of how to make the right decision... The message never overwhelms the fun in this frothy paranormal romp.” Kirkus Reviews

 Fairy Bad Day

It's going to be a Fairy Bad Day...

First, my rightful designation of dragon slayer is STOLEN right out from under me by Curtis Green. Sure, he’s really cute, but that doesn’t give him an excuse. On top of that, I am assigned to slay fairies. I know what you’re thinking—how hard could it be, right?

Wrong! These menacing beasts with their tiny hipster clothes and mocking sarcasm love taunting me. And they won’t STOP! But the thing that tops my list of stuff to ruin my day? That would be the GIANT KILLER FAIRY that I have to hunt down and slay because I am the only one who can see it. There is someone who can help me. Unfortunately…it’s Curtis.

 "Teens with a taste for the paranormal school story and a tolerance for raucous humor will be involved with and amused by this romantic fantasy." Kirkus Reviews