Monday, December 13, 2021

HER REBEL SCOT - Prequel - FREE eBook for Mailing List Subscribers!


                                                      A Highland Warrior Chronicles Prequel

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Even the threat of the Vikings won’t keep him from her side…


Tavish O’Eochaid, favored son of the King of Dal Riada, has no plans to settle down until forced to by duty. But when he enters Pictland on a diplomatic mission, he’s captivated by an enigmatic noblewoman, who hides secrets in her eyes.

Bound by blood to the shadow of the royal court, Catriona cannot afford to fall for the charms of a visiting Scots warrior. As a chosen one of her goddess, she knows where her duty lies. Yet as her visions of a splintered future grow ever darker, she risks everything for a few stolen hours in his arms.

But when betrayal rocks the foundations of Pictland herself, Tavish must choose between sacrificing his honor – or surrendering to his enemy, for the woman he has grown to love.