Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Firsts at Strange Candy!

Today I'm over at Strange Candy Reviews to help celebrate her first year blogoversary! So in keeping with the theme of 'firsts' I'm chatting about how I felt when I first held my very first copy of Forbidden in my hot little hands! Strange Candy has a fab contest going on from 22nd April to 6th May where one commenter can win a $50 gift card to the Book Depository so if you get a moment pop on over and say hi. I'd love to see you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter and the Great.... What If?

Well, I'm looking forward to the long Easter break coming up! Hopefully the weather will stay fine and my husband can finish off his latest project. Which is... enclosing half of our back garden so the kitties don't go wandering! When we were first married we had two little kittens and one was run over and killed when she was only nine months old. I don't think we've ever got over it. So this way we hope to give them freedom but also ensure their safety. And that's not all, cats go missing on a regular basis round here and I do NOT think it has anything to do with the cats themselves running away.

And in other news, I'm over at Magical Musings today with my good friend Michelle Diener (who writes historical fiction for Simon & Schuster imprint Gallery Books) In both Forbidden and Captive my heroines have to make life-changing decisions and take a leap of faith. Today over at MM I chat about my own leap of faith in embracing a new beginning in a new land. Would love to see you over there!

Plus - my blogger has changed! It's been upgraded in my absence. Or did I upgrade and just forget?! Wouldn't surprise me!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Making of a Cover

Tony Mauro, the fabulous artist who illustrated the cover for Captive, is being interviewed today over at Book Lovers Inc where he gives fascinating insights into the whole process from the model shoots to digital artwork. Well worth checking out if you have a moment!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hot Demons!

I'm thrilled that my fabulous CP, fellow Tiara Girl Amanda Ashby, has sold her next book to Puffin! Here's the scoop from Publishers Marketplace:

Amanda Ashby's DEMONOSITY, in which a sixteen year old girl's life is
turned upside down when she has to protect an ancient alchemist's
relic from two demonknight brothers, one of whom is good and one of
them bad: the problem is she has no idea which is which, to Puffin, in
a nice deal, by Jenny Bent at The Bent Agency (World English).

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Forbidden & Captive Land in Oz!

So, while I was supposed to be writing this afternoon I decided to have a little wander around the Internet (as you do!) Wow am I glad I did! I discovered that both Forbidden and Captive are now for sale in Australia as from 7th April! The last time I looked both were slated for a 2nd May release. I'm almost beside myself with excitement at the thought of seeing my books on local bookshelves - although given the fact they are erotic romances, perhaps they won't be in Big W or Kmart? But still!!

It's doubly exciting as this month is Aussie Author Appreciation April over at Fangbooks where heaps of fantastic paranormal, fantasy, UF and sci-fi Aussie authors are being showcased.

Time for a celebratory glass of wine, I think!!!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Captive Kitties

Today I'm over at fellow Berkley author, Kylie Griffin's blog, chatting about my writing procedure and my kittens (oops, I mean my daughter's kittens. But, details...) There's a signed copy of Captive up for grabs or, if the winner lives internationally, an Amazon gift card. And while you're over at Kylie's, check out her upcoming debut romance! Vengeance Born is due out in February 2012 and it looks totally awesome!!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Computer Woes and Historical Inspirations

Argh! My computer is driving me mad. It's always been very slow but since installing the new anti virus software last week it's gone completely ridiculous on me. Now I'm being spammed by my own emails which is very annoying!!! I hope it fixes itself soon before I rip all the hair out of my head!! But in happier news... Today I'm over at Unusual Historicals, where I'm chatting about the historical background to Captive, including the real-life historical character who inspired a cruicial plot thread in the book. Would love to see you over there!