Sunday, October 21, 2018

FORBIDDEN (The Druid Chronicles Book 1) is FREE for the first time!

Forbidden was my first full length published romance, and it holds a very special place in my heart. With a gorgeous, Roman warrior hero and a mystical Druid heroine, these two appeared in my head one night and wouldn't leave me alone until I promised to share their story. And now, for the very first time since the book was published in September 2010, it's free on all platforms!

Read Maximus' and Carys' forbidden romance today!

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Between a warrior and a princess comes an illicit passion as all-consuming as the hatred between their warring worlds…
Carys knew from the moment she first spied on Maximus in his naked barbarian glory that he was a dangerous Roman centurion – his taut, battle-scarred flesh marking him as a fearless warrior. But her desire for him was as undeniable as it was illicit.
Charged by his emperor to eliminate a clan of powerful Druids in Britain, Maximus never expects his mission to be thwarted by the clan’s ethereal princess, Carys, his daring voyeur. Falling under her spell, he doesn’t realize her true heritage – until he captures her heart as well as her body.
As Carys’ loyalties are twisted, and freedom is no longer her single-minded obsession, an avenging former lover threatens to crush Maximus’ people into oblivion. Now Carys and Maximus must overcome the devastation of war and face the ultimate sacrifice if their forbidden love is to survive.
“Set in the time of the Roman Empire, Phillips’ wonderful story of the romance between a Roman soldier and a Celt is more than entertaining”  Romantic Times

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They were destined to be enemies, but fate had other plans…
Be swept into four passionate, forbidden romances set in first century Britain. With lush eroticism and rich mythology, The Druid Chronicles is a forgotten world of ancient goddesses and powerful love that transcends the mighty Roman Empire. 

Primal and sexy, I love this series.” reviewer, Steph
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The mighty Roman Empire spreads across the face of the earth, conquering and destroying all who dare to stand in her path. Britain falls, and the rich natural resources of Cymru beckon. But in a fragile world, where the old ways are threatened by the new patriarchal order, the ancient goddesses will do anything to ensure their names will never be forgotten in the hazy mists of time…