Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Couple of Contests

I'm holding a contest to win a copy of Captive over at GoodReads for the next couple of weeks - just click on the link or the widget on the right sidebar to enter - it's as easy as that!

My good friend, paranormal YA romance author Amanda Ashby and her very clever husband have just launched her brand new website - and it's fabulous! Amanda is also holding a contest over at GoodReads for an ARC of her upcoming Fairy Bad Day (Amanda thinks up the best titles!) so don't forget to join in the fun because this book r-o-c-k-s.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ancient World

Busy day today, not only am I having fun with the LoveCat girls, I'm also chatting about my ancient world of Forbidden and Captive over at Tote Bags n' Blogs ~ and there's another giveaway!

Peeled Grapes, Anyone?

My good friend Mel Teshco has interviewed me over at the LoveCats DownUnder blog today, and you can find out what exactly it is that Alan Rickman does for me every morning! And it might not be what you think!!! There's also a giveaway for one lucky commenter!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Exclusive Excerpt of Captive

Today I'm having fun over at Seductive Musings where there's an exclusive excerpt of Captive and a teaser which I think gives a feeling of what the story is about. Love to see you over there - and there's a copy of either Forbidden or Captive up for grabs for one commenter who finishes off a provocative sentence!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sexy Dessert

Today I'm over at Book Lovers Inc, where the lovely Has asked me some fab questions. If you want to find out what dessert I think perfectly describes Bren and Morwyn's relationship then hop on over and have a look-see! And don't forget to leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning a copy of either Forbidden or Captive!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Captive at Borders True Romance

Today I'm being interviewed at Borders True Romance. Find out who I could see playing Bren and Morwyn if a movie was made of Captive!!

And there's a giveaway!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winner of The Perfect Concubine!

And the winner of Michelle Styles contest to win a download of her Roman Undone, The Perfect Concubine is ~~~

Jena Lang

Congratulations, Jena! Please contact Michelle at michelle@michellestyles dot co dot uk (no spaces) with your details.

Big thanks to everyone for joining in the fun! And don't forget to check out Michelle's blog to find out who won of copy of either Forbidden or Captive!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Pleasure Me, Captive

Today I'm over at Monica Burns' Pleasure Me blog party, where not only is there a chance to win a *signed* copy of Captive but also to go into the draw for a Grand Prize of a Deluxe Spa basket worth $150! Would love to see you over there!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Question Time

For another chance to win a copy of either Forbidden or Captive, I'm partying over at Not Another Romance Blog today, where the lovely Rita asked me some fabulous questions. Hope to see you over there!

Everything Erotica Spotlight at RT

I'm chuffed that Captive is being showcased on the Everything Erotica Spotlight over at the Romantic Times BOOK Review site. There's a message from me and also an excerpt. Fun!

I'm also over at my good friend Kaye Manro's blog, who writes sizzling hot sci-fi romance - and her series is called Forbidden too!! Check out Kaye's Forbidden Love and, coming soon, Forbidden Destiny!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cool Forests & Ancient Magic

Today I'm over at RR@H Novel Thoughts & Book Talk chatting about my world of Forbidden - with a copy of Forbidden for one lucky commenter!

I found a lovely reader review for Forbidden over on the Australian Romance Readers Association blog yesterday. The reviewer, Nicola Smith, had this to say:

"I enjoyed reading Forbidden. It took me to another place of cool forests and ancient magic. The characters Carys and Maximus are strong and likeable. I also enjoyed reading about their cultures and the impact the Romans had on the Celt society."

Don't forget to scroll down and leave a comment on Michelle's post to be in with a chance of winning her fabulous Undone, The Perfect Concubine!

The Perfect Hero

Today I'm over at the Dark Side DownUnder blog where I'm talking about heroes - specifically, what makes a hero perfect for you? Or just pop on over and leave a comment or ask a question! There's a copy of either Forbidden or Captive up for grabs and I'll draw a winner next Wednesday!

And don't forget to leave a comment on Michelle's post to be in with a chance of winning a copy of The Perfect Concubine!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Captive & The Perfect Concubine *Giveaways*

I'm delighted to have my dear friend Michelle Styles visiting my blog today. Michelle writes for Harlequin Mills and Boon Historical, and after she sold The Gladiator's Honor back in 2006 I love to call her the trail-blazer when it comes to opening up the line to ancient historical romances :-)

I'm over at Michelle's blog today chatting about my world of Forbidden, so do please pop by there and say hi - there's a copy of Forbidden or Captive up for grabs for one lucky commenter!

And now it's over to Michelle...

When Christina and I realised that we both had Roman set stories out in February, we decided to do a blog swap. Christina is over at my blog talking about her latest release Captive and I am here talking about The Perfect Concubine.

I am so excited that all things Roman are getting more attention in the Romance genre.

The Perfect Concubine is an Undone and approximately 15,000 words as opposed to Christina’s full length novel. Undones are downloadable as e-books and occasionally they are grouped together in anthologies. They are Harlequin Historical sexiest offering and give authors a chance to explore their world more. But they are short and are meant to be in a lunch time. So they can be very focused . For me, it was a chance to revisit a world that I love.

The Perfect Concubine takes place shortly after Sold & Seduced and has a minor character – Piso the Greek as the hero. It is 68 BC and the Roman Republic has not yet given way to the Empire. The story focuses on the merchants of Rome, rather the soldiers. They built trading empires out of nothing and fought to keep them.

Rome, 68 B.C.

Valeria's life is in the hands of Piso the Greek—the very man who had risen from a common sailor to wealthy ship owner following their doomed romance. He is the only man brave enough to sail the dangerous seas to Alexandria to reunite Valeria with her missing brother and restore her family's fortune. But Piso demands a high price for his help: Valeria must become his concubine and share his bed once more....

Wherever good e-books are sold and on e-harlequin. E-harlequin is doing 14% discount until 14 February.

I have a free download to offer to one poster. It is supposed to be for the US and Canada only (or that is what I am told) as it is from e-harlequin.

Thank you Christina for having me.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

CAPTIVE Release Day!

Today is Captive's official release date! It still feels a little unreal but I'm so excited that Bren and Morwyn's story is finally out there. I hope readers love Bren as much as I do :-)

If you see Captive on the shelf, I would love if you could take a photo and let me know!! It's not on the shelves here in Australia - yet - although I'm thrilled both Forbidden and Captive are being released by Penguin Australia on 2nd May *yay*!

I have a blog tour during February where I'll be giving away copies of either Forbidden or Captive - I'll post details here on my blog with links. Be sure to pop back to find out where I am!!!

She is a prisoner of her sworn enemy - and her own desire...

Having lost her faith when Roman invaders destroyed life as she knew it, Morwyn took a vow of celibacy to spite her goddess. But before she can join up with the rebels, she's captured by a Gaul mercenary whose animal charms and chiseled body will test her conviction... and make it harder to kill him.

Bren, pledged to the true Briton king, has spent three years undercover in the Roman Legion. So when his own unit attacks and brutalizes a fiery Celtic beauty, he saves her the only way he can - by claiming her as his prisoner. But unlike his men, Bren would never take the woman by force, no matter how obviously she burns for his touch.

As they near Roman headquarters, Morwyn resolves to honor her vow of celibacy - but if the Gaul were to ravage her, could she be blamed for enjoying his body? With just a hint of seduction, sooner or later the Gaul will succumb to his exquisite captive...



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