Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cover Reveal! HOLD ME UNTIL MORNING, Grayson Brothers #2 @BrazenBooks

She's the one girl he should never touch...

Coming on 28th September 2015

Available for pre-order

 I'm so excited to share the sexy cover of Hold Me Until Morning :-) This is Cooper's book, the youngest Grayson brother, and Paris O'Connell, a Hollywood soap star - who just so happens to be the little sister of Cooper's best friend.
They grew up together as kids, but haven't seen each other in ten years. And when they meet again, the sparks fly!

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Cooper Grayson is supposed to hole up in a mountain cabin and protect his best friend's little sister from the paparazzi for a week. That’s it. But Paris O'Connell isn’t a kid anymore, and it's hard to remember this is strictly business when she bats her big green eyes at him…then crashes through all his carefully placed boundaries.

Paris loves a challenge. And gorgeous Cooper Grayson is the most dangerous challenge she’s faced yet. He ignores the sizzling attraction that keeps her awake at nights, and he doesn’t care about her fame or her contacts, only seeing her. When they finally kiss, Cooper leaves her bare. Exposed. His for the taking. And take he does…

For one incredibly hot week, Cooper fulfils her every fantasy. But when the real world crashes in, so does reality. And reality tells them there’s no way a Hollywood star and a bad boy from the wrong side of town could ever have a future together…

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Release Day! BLOODLUST DENIED ~ Rising from the ashes of the past #99c for two weeks only

I'm absolutely delighted that I've finally got the rights back from the publisher and am able to self-publish and release my dark paranormal romance, Bloodlust Denied. Two years ago when this hot novella first came out, it landed straight in Amazon's dungeon - presumably because of the cover and the so called "hand bra" (although I always liked that cover). So, the novella was dead in the water from day one.

But now, like the phoenix of legend, it has another chance of life :-)

“A stunning tale of a love that transcends time” 5 Stars Top Read A Reader’s Review

Tired of the thin-blooded aristocrats in 1815 London, Alexius yearns for better sport. He is drawn to a dark-haired seductress who shows no fear and refuses to obey his commands. Entranced by such novelty, he denies his bloodlust and decides to keep her to warm his bed.

Immortal vampire hunter Morana has never mistaken her prey before, but the dark stranger mesmerizes her, enticing her to forget everything but the dangerous pleasure she finds in his arms.

Neither one can deny the pull of the other, but there is something beyond the lust—a recognition neither can put a name to. The past and present collide and unless they discover the truth behind the lies, Death will triumph once more.

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Isn't this cover stunning! I'm so in love with it. Big thanks to Kellie from Book Cover by Design for her fabulous eye for detail. And speaking of eyes...check out Alexius' gorgeous green eyes on the cover!