Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Sneak Peek ~ Snippet of BETRAYED

    Here's a snippet from my upcoming EC book, BETRAYED. Nimue is recovering from being shot with an arrow and Tacitus is still under the misguided notion that she is a fragile flower :-)

    “I’ve never been so incapacitated.” She sounded distressed, although she still glared at him. “It’s humiliating.”

    “It will soon pass.” If her blood had poisoned, she would already be showing the symptoms. “I regret you were shot, as if you were an enemy. It should never have occurred.”

    Her glare faded and she looked confused.

    “But I am your enemy. I only wonder that you did not strike me down yourself.”

    Her fingers peeked from between the folds of his cloak. He covered them with his hand in a blatant gesture of possessiveness. She did not protest.

    “I told you.” He didn’t bother hiding his amusement. “I don’t fight women. You posed no threat to me or the Empire. Why would I strike you down?”

    “Had our positions been reversed,” she sounded irritated. “I would have had no hesitation in striking you down.”

    How enchanting she believed herself capable of felling a warrior. The conversation reminded him of the one they’d shared at the stream, before he’d had no choice but to make her his slave.

    “I’d like to see you try.” He knew some Celtic women fought alongside their men-folk but they were built like men themselves. Or so he had heard. Personally, he’d not faced any in battle and for that he was relieved. The thought of killing a woman, even a woman who thought herself as good as a man, horrified him.

    “You would not have time to see.” Nimue’s eyes darkened before his gaze. “If I struck, you would be dead before you realized what had happened.”

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