Friday, January 20, 2006

Hooray for Sara Hantz!!!

I am soooo thrilled because yesterday my great friend and brilliant CP Sara signed with her agent!

However, because I live In Oz I did, of course, miss out on all the excitement as I was zzzing at the time. So annoying! I logged on this morning to about a trillion emails from our crit group, and I'm like, 'but hey I wasn't there to join in all the fun!'

But seriously Sara, I am so happy for you and may this be the start of a long, successful and prosperous career!


Sara Hantz said...

Thank you sooooo much. And it's not like we didn't try and wake you up. Pat shouted and shouted but you wouldn't budge. Amanda even started to sing. And I kept sending nudges, but no response other than a grunt and a snore... do you know how loud you snore? omg we needed ear plugs.

Amanda Ashby said...

Karen, we really need to work on our telepathic message system because it seems to be falling down! Anyway, hooray for Sara, it's very exciting indeed and here's to an early sale!!

Anonymous said...

Bob Frederick says:

Waaaaaaaay tooooooo Gooooooooooo, Sara Hantz.

Lenny looks cute when asleep and zzzzz-ing, shame the zzzzzzzzzs were louder than the shouts!