Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blurbing Well

I have huge problems hammering out blurbs. I don't know why because logically how hard can it be? I have the story in my head, I know all the major turning points and important scenes, so really it should be a doddle, yes?

Umm, no.

Yesterday I got into such a state while attempting to blurbify (is that a word? if not it should be) my wip I ended up giving myself an eyebrow pluck. With finger and thumb (not recommended, btw). Unfortunately it didn't help on the lightbulb front, although I do now possess a very trendy eyebrow.

Luckily for me I have a critique partner who is not only awesome at creating blurbs but, I have the sneaking suspicion, actually enjoys writing them! So I want to say a huge Thank You to her for the totally fabulous blurb she did. I love it!


Amanda Ashby said...

Writing a little blurb here and there is the least I can do since you have to put up with correcting my dreadful spelling. Besides, I do hate to see eyebrows suffering needlessly...

Sara Hantz said...

Does this mean you have a permanently arched sardonic eyebrow? Sheikhs and Tycoons across the globe (or should that be Presents novels) will be truly envious

All hail Queen of Blurbs, we owe you big time!!

Amanda Ashby said...

Hmmmm, I guess it has a certain ring to it!

Christina Phillips said...

snorts! My eyebrow looks more sad than sardonic!

And yes I second that *Hail* to Amanda, Queen of Blurbs!