Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hot & Steamy

It's been brought to my attention I haven't been updating as promised. However, I do have (another) brilliant excuse. It's been H-O-T.

Oh what, you thought the title referred to my wip? Sorry! That's still powering ahead and I've just hit the half way mark, so am still on target to reach my personal deadline of finishing by the end of January.

But nah. It's been really hot and sticky here over the last few days. My fingers swell up into little sausages and my knees stick to the sides of the desk. Not a pretty sight, and not for the weak of stomach to witness. Turn off the A/C and within seconds it's like trying to breathe inside an oven.

Not that I'm complaining cause I love the summer but it would be handy to have a temp control for when I step outside into the furnace.

Hot and steamy signing off.


Amanda Ashby said...

I love Australian summers as well. Which is sort of a pity since I'm in the FREEZING English winter.

cold and soggy signing off

Sara Hantz said...

Don't complain about hot and steamy - we could be in the UK with Amanda freezing our wotsits off. Temps about mid 20s here, up to 30s sometimes. But I LOVE it!!

Maybe you should take off your thermals now it's summer. That might help. And maybe it's not the weather at all that's causing you to come over all peculiar. Maybe it's that hot male character of yours.

As always, I'm not taking weather as an excuse not to post...... so c-r-a-c-k goes the whip

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina - I didn't know you had a blog! (Note to self: nag Pat.) Hope the book's coming along well.

As for freezing UK winter - at least Amanda's on the west coast. On the east coast of the UK there's nothing between us and Siberia! (And no, I'm not joking...)

Amanda Ashby said...

My daughter would kill for some of that eastern weather, Kate. Especially the snow! Last year it snowed on Boxing Day when we all went to Penny Jordan's house and Molly has never forgotten it. Well I guess I can get the cotton wool balls out and pretend!

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Kate! I'd be happy to send you some of this sunshine!