Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Not that I realised it was Friday 13th until half way through the day, as I was (and still am) convinced it's the 12th today. So moving swiftly on...

After a marathon writing session yesterday where I managed 18 pages but didn't see more than a glimpse of my kidlets or hubby, today I decided to take my son to the beach as that is a Good Motherly Thing to Do. So I got up early, wrote 6 pages, then off we set.

The weather's a bit dodgy at the moment, due to the cyclone up north, so it was a bit breezy on the beach and while my son collected those tiny shell fishy things (I'll edit that when the right name comes to me!) I ogled the half naked talent jogging on the sand in the name of research. Well, I feel morally obliged to squeeze in research whenever possible and at least this way I can say I was mixing business with pleasure. Ahem.


Sara Hantz said...

well I hope you were discrete in your oogling, you naughty girl!!

Amanda Ashby said...

It just amazes me the way you are prepared to suffer for your art!