Monday, January 30, 2006


Don't you just hate it when email plays up? As in, for whatever reason, just not arriving at their destination?

The Mail Administrator is currently my New Best Friend (ha! It's totally one sided, I might add. And not on my side). My emails to one of my brilliant CPs bounces back faster than a speeding donut (in other words, within 5 days. I mean, come on. How are we supposed to have a clue what emails we sent FIVE DAYS AGO???)

It's not that I'm an especially paranoid person (sorry? what was that comment from the back...?) but I do get twitchy when stuff goes missing. I mean, WHERE do missing emails end up? Do they plop into some stranger's inbox? Disappear into some crazy alternate reality? Or just float around out there for eternity?


Sara Hantz said...

I've heard the email police are collecting them so they have a dossier on people they consider to be a threat to cyber affairs.

It could be because you were seen researching on the internet when you shouldn't be. Or maybe, you misled your CPs by saying you'd gone away on holiday with your family when in fact you were resting in the garden with your cabanna boy feeding you grapes.

See nothing escapes the cyber police. So let this be a lesson to you. Stick to the straight and narrow or else.......

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Sugar here

Sara is quite right.
Take it from one who knows.

Amanda Ashby said...

They only go missing when you're not expecting anything in the post, because you need something to take your mind off the big postal conspiracy against writers. I guess cyber conspiracy is the next best thing.

Christina Phillips said...

How do you know about my cabanna boy...?