Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Parrot Love

Even after seven years of living in Oz, I haven't got over my fascination with the wild parrots. Whenever they sweep overhead I have to stop whatever I'm doing and stand and gawp at them. They're just... so adorably cheeky and I love them.

I even loved them when they ruined our sunflowers the other year because I enjoyed watching them eat the middles. A few weeks ago, while hard at it on my computer (typing... in case you were wondering) a couple of parrots flew into the courtyard and started pecking at my husband's pride and joy (his baby grapes... ) Oddly, I didn't find this disturbing and instead stopped working to gaze out of the window at them, thinking, awwww! Aren't they just sooooo cute?

I 'forgot' to mention this to dear husband, sub consciously realising he wouldn't find it nearly so entertaining as I did. hehe.

But whoops. Yesterday, he caught them at it. He went wild. His baby grapes, which in previous years have never matured beyond the size of shrunken sultanas, do actually now resemble plump juicy grapes and he wants to keep them that way. He chased off the parrots then yelled at me to hold the fort while he went to find some netting.

So I stood on the steps scanning the skies. The parrots were nowhere to be seen. I went up another couple of steps and there they were hiding behind the garden shed, waiting for their moment. Awwww, bless!

The grapes are now safe and the parrots are off sulking. Just like kids, really.


Amanda Ashby said...

If half of the native birds in Australia lived in the UK they would probably be given an asbo by now for unreasonable behaviour cos they sure can be noisey little sods!!!! hehehe

Sara Hantz said...

the birds...... the birds.....


Too late!!