Saturday, March 15, 2014

Erotic Historical Romance TAINTED #MySexySaturday Enemies to Lovers

This week I'm sharing seven paragraphs of my erotic historical romance, Tainted. The hero Gawain is a Celt warrior and against everything he believes in he's fallen hard for Antonia, a Roman patrician. In this scene Gawain is expecting a friend - but it's Antonia who's come to him. And he knows that now he will never be able to let her go...

A dangerous love Rome will never allow…

  Tainted~ a 2013 ARRA Finalist for Favorite Erotic Romance

"Enter,” he growled when it became apparent she had no intention of opening the door until he invited her to do so. How unlike her normal disregard for his privacy. The door slowly opened and his heart jackknifed against his ribs at the familiar silhouette.

She stood at the threshold. In the distance behind her was the newly constructed villa that encompassed her Roman world. And if she took a single step forward it would bring her into his.

Time slowed and his breath tangled in his chest. She was a vision in her pale blue gown with her blonde ringlets framing her face and dusting the elegant curve of her shoulders. Beyond the door, sunlight cast a golden glow and dark shadows across the wild grasses and ancient trees, somehow enhancing the absolute stillness of the woman caught between two opposing cultures.

He couldn’t drag his mesmerized gaze from her. And yet with every thud of his heart the sordid baseness of this wattle and daub roundhouse—his hut—dug deeper into his heart.

No matter how noble his heritage or that the blood of the gods ran through his veins. He could never offer her the kind of lifestyle she was accustomed to. Even with slaves or servants to undertake the menial tasks of living, they would never possess the type of wealth patricians took for granted.

For a moment, his conviction wavered. But only for a moment. Antonia was his light in a world of dark and he would not leave her behind.

“Phillips’ ability to spark utterly irresistible tension between her characters is showcased in full force in her fourth Forbidden novel.” 4 Stars  Romantic Times Book Reviews

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Unknown said...

I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of this. Thanks for this snippet! :D

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks Demelza! I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

KC Kendricks said...

Intriguing snippet. It really makes the reader wonder what came before and what's going to come after the moment.

Anonymous said...

Scenes like this make me remember why historical romance made me fall in love with the romance genre.

- Bonnie

Susanne Bellamy said...

I love that clash of cultures element. Great excerpt, Christina! Would like to read more!

Dakota Trace said...

Have always loved an under-dog story. I'm sure he'll get his girl. :D


Shelley Munro said...

Nice excerpt! Your characters always jump off the page :)

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comments, ladies, I'm so pleased you enjoyed the snippet :-)

Sexy Erotic Xciting said...

Great snippet, but please more. Thanks for sharing.