Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Deal - Day Two

Not so good today. I managed just under 3 pages so still haven't quite finished chapter 4. However, guv, it's not my fault!!! My eldest daughter arrived home from uni earlier than I expected so of course had to spend time with her. ahem. Well okay so I didn't really but she decided to put on this terrible film that we'd tried to watch last night but gave up because it was so awful.

You know the type of movie where it's so bad you can't drag your eyes away? On the off chance that something amazing will happen or there'll be this brilliant, imaginative twist at the end that makes the rest of the drivel worthwhile?

Er, yeah. Well 90 odd minutes later we were still waiting for the something wonderful to happen. And then it did. It ended.


I really should've just kept on plugging away at Lil and got that chapter finished!


Sara Hantz said...

What do you mean day 2 wasn't so good??? The deal was for a page and you did it. Today will be the testing time - as you insisted we go for 2 pages. Omg, I couldn't sleep last night for worrying about it.

Christina Phillips said...

ah but Sara, it was worth it! Because we both finished our current chapters!