Monday, March 13, 2006

Above and Beyond

My son went off to camp this morning and I'm missing him already (yes how sad. haha). I think the dog missed him in advance, as 11 pm last night my son wanders in to inform us she had crapped in the middle of his bedroom and the stink had woken him up. Argh. I was so not a happy bunny.

Anyway. So I checked his case about 20 times over the weekend to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything and 8 am this morning off we set for the school. I have to say, the teachers are fabulous to do this camp thing every year. It's not something I'd like to do - be in charge of a hundred eleven and twelve year olds for a week. Talk about going above and beyond. It kills me hosting a sleep over for three of them!

So big thank you to the brilliant teachers for giving up their time and I just hope it wasn't a taste of Things To Come that one of my son's friends was ordered off the coach prior to departure for misbehaving. Oops.


Amanda Ashby said...

Hugs Christina! Hope the house isn't too quiet without him around. And as for letting other children sleepover - the very idea makes me feel quite ill. I must make sure my kids know they aren't allowed friends!!!!!

Sara Hantz said...

No, Amanda you've got it wrong. Just remember if you invite 3 friends for a sleepover that's 3 invitations back the children get!! That's 3 lots of childfree time to write (or cook, or whatever takes your fancy hahahahaah).

I'm sure Oliver will have a wonderful time, and speaking from experience we miss them more than they miss us!