Monday, March 06, 2006

Back in the Saddle

I was so fed up with not writing that I thought bugger it, never mind if I don't have my middle plotted out, just start the story already!

So that's what I did yesterday, when my dh took our son out fishing for lures (I passed on the offer to join them because come on. Just how riveting is it shopping for lures??)

I had about 90 minutes spare and I'd already checked out my loops and Miss Snark, brainstormed work related issues with Sara (aka gossiping... ) and it was just getting beyond ridiculous. I HATE not writing! I get so crabby it's not funny.

I came off line (I always have to come off line before I write. It's just another of those weird rituals I must perform) opened up a new doc, typed in my New Title and voila I was off!

Only three pages, but wow. I feel soooo much better. It's like therapy!


Sara Hantz said...

I have to show my ignorance here - what are lures? And did they catch any?

Yay, on starting Kill Lil (you like my new name for it???). It's perfect because when you get to the next one you can have Kill Lil 2. (I've just realised you might not get this reference - but it's movie and not TV so hopefully you will).

Christina Phillips said...

Buy lures = catch fish. In theroy. In practice, it didn't work but I did get a lovely two hours reading on the beach while they didn't catch our supper.

haha on Kill Lill. So not appropriate, Sara!

Amanda Ashby said...

If Christina writes a book called Kill Lil, does that mean she has to dress up in a yellow leather catsuit for her booksignings? Because I've heard that those things can really chafe a girl.

But hooray on those first three pages. New books are always so much fun!

Sara Hantz said...

Yes it does. But as long as she wears her sexy thermals her legs should remain chaffe free!

Christina Phillips said...

Just the thought is bringing tears to my eyes!