Saturday, August 31, 2013

5 Star Reviews for TAINTED!

Tainted has received two fabulous 5 star reviews!

"I was captivated with the time period and the characters… To say I loved this book is an understatement.  This book is a must read!  5 books!!!” I Feel the Need, the Need to Read

“Tainted is bursting with lush eroticism and riveting romance… 

“The lovemaking scenes are very hot indeed! The couple very soon begin to share more than physical pleasure and develop strong emotional bonds, which grow into mutual respect and a deep love.  As with all of Christina Phillips’ novels that I have read in this series, their developing romance is beautiful to behold. Both Gawain and Antonia however have their own secrets and when a figure from Antonia’s past reappears in her life and Rome’s determination to destroy the Druids comes to the fore, their budding romance is threatened by violence and treachery. 

“… Author Christina Phillips is in the Premier League when it comes to historical erotic Romance. Her novels have the perfect balance between erotic lovemaking and an exciting, credible and well crafted plot…
“I recommend the novel to romance lovers who like to read erotic romance, set within an historical context.” 

 A Readers Review

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