Wednesday, September 08, 2010


What a wonderful week this has been!! Thank you to everyone who's helped make this party so fabulous. Thank you to all my lovely guests, and all my fantastic visitors, you've made this week unforgettable!

But!! The goodness isn't over yet!!

We still have the three winners of day six coming up later today, and then there will be the draw for the fab-four book bundle! So exciting!!

In my excitement yesterday, I put the wrong link up for Romance Bandits *smacks head* The sidebar linked OK but the one in my post went off for a little wander. There's still time to hop over and say hi!!

I'm also over chatting with the lovely Rita at Not Another Romance Blog, where I'm happy to answer questions on my Roman/Druid world. And hot warriors. I'm always happy to discuss hot warriors *heh heh* There is a copy of Forbidden up for grabs at both blogs!

I'm also thrilled with two more reviews that came through over the last couple of days.

Has at The Book Pushers gave Forbidden a wonderful B Review, and here is a snippet:

"The sexy elements of the book did not overpower the plot or the characterisation, but added to their love story. The real heart of the book is the emotional elements between them, and I really liked how that was played out throughout the book. Although the well written love scenes added a sensual layer of heat and passion, and *fans self*, I will never think of Roman Baths the same way again." The rest of this review can be found here

And Becky Pena at Fresh Fiction:

"FORBIDDEN is full of erotic goodness and endless action. Carys and her lover are not helpless beings but both use faith to succeed. A good chunk of this novel is about a woman's inner struggle between what she believes and what she desires, and her unwavering faith in a goddess who may have abandoned her. You will love this novel and agree when I say... I can't wait for the next installment in the Forbidden series." The rest of the review can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christina! It's been great fun. Don't worry about the wrong link. Everyone has those moments. For example this afternoon while heading to class I got out to my car only to realize I had forgotten my keys. I went back inside and grabbed my keys only to get back outside and realize that I had forgotten my bag. By the time I finally had everything at the same time I was late for class. lol

Congrats on your amazing new reviews. That's got to be a bright spot in your day. :D

Cathryn Hein said...

Wonderful reviews, Christina. They're making me even more impatient for my copy. I was so irritated it wasn't in this morning's post!

AJ Blythe said...

(((hugs))) on such wonderful reviews, Christina - you are getting quite a collection .

It's been a fun week - great procrastination material here, lol.

On a side note, thought I'd only 'discovered' Jale Gyllenhaal from your posts - until hubby pointed out he was in Prince of Persia... mmm now I see the attraction *wink*.

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Becca! I know what you mean about car keys and bag! I'm always locking the door and then remembering I've left something essential inside the house!

Thanks so much for the congrats, and I'm so glad you've enjoyed the party week!!!

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks Cathryn, I've been blown away by the reviews so far :-) Hope Forbidden gets to you soon - before the end of the week!!

Christina Phillips said...

Thank you so much Anita! How funny about Jake Gyllenhaal although I have to say I've discovered a lot of hot heroes this week that I hadn't been able to put names to before!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Chrstina,
Congratulations on your latest release and the great reviews. Mega sales I hope.


Christina Phillips said...

Thank you so much, Margaret!