Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun in the Fur

And another week passes!!! I have no idea where the time goes. I did, however, finally manage to finish the love scene that I'd been struggling with for the last two weeks. When I say struggling, it was more that my hero and heroine were enjoying themselves so much it took a while for them to actually hit the furs. And now they've had their fun I'm going to shatter their world (because that's the kind of nice person I am!!!)

I also spent some time tidying up my website (yet again) but I think I've finally cracked it. There really should be a FrontPage for Dummies because it's taken me forever to work out how to use all the various functions!


Cari Quinn said...

Shattering your characters' world after they've had their fun is one of the things I love best about writing. Ah, the sense of control. ;D And I've been working on my website too...writing is much more fun!

April Vine said...

Shatter their worlds, Christina!!!
It makes the making up all the more sweeter ;)
Love your website!

Christina Phillips said...

Cari, it's a great feeling, isn't it!!! Is your website live? I can't wait to have a look!!

April, yes I love the making up afterwards! Unfortunately this couple have a long wait ahead of them yet!!!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh you are so eeeviiiillll - your poor characters! LOL - well they have to overcome your evil plans ;)))

Love the new blog template and the website design. Well done.

Christina Phillips said...

Eleni, I felt very evil today, slowly breaking my heroine's heart. It didn't stop me though!!!