Thursday, April 08, 2021

REDEMPTION: Paranormal Angel Romance is FREE! Download this series starter today!

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"An enthralling standalone read which sizzles! Lovers of sexy paranormal and sci-fi romance will love it!" A Readers Review

"The lush world building and the feisty characters are to die for."

"Amazing world-building and characters who haunt you long after you've finished the book."

"This is a very well written poignant story about love and recognition...  A great read!"  

"I loved the take on angels and gods and the romance between the two main characters was lush"

"A fast moving story with twists and turns."  

"This one hit the spot with a beautiful romance"  Paranormal Romance Reviews  

Can the fallen ever be redeemed?

The Archangel Gabriel’s a mercenary for hire and if the price is right, he’ll do anything. Unless a treacherous human is involved. But he can’t let Aurora be taken, and now she’s his responsibility. Problem is, he can’t get her out of his mind.

Aurora’s mum is sick, and she’ll do anything to help her. Except she accidentally triggers the wrath of the terrifying Guardians who want her dead. Only the quick thinking of a sexy stranger saves her, but the price is high. She can never go home again.

On a mission to find a missing child, Gabe can’t afford to be distracted. But Aurora’s touch is electrifying and the closer they get, the more he craves her. He’s pledged to keep her safe, but she doesn’t make things easy.

As danger stalks them, a devastating secret threatens more than their lives. And with time running out to rescue the child, the only way to survive might be the one thing that tears them apart forever.

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