Saturday, November 01, 2014

Decadent Den of Seduction: #SydneyWives Willow #MySexySaturday

Welcome to this week's My Sexy Saturday! Today it's all about a sexy date night and I thought I'd share seven paragraphs of a sexy date that my hero Seb sets up for his heroine, Willow. Seb has been in love with Willow for years, but because of something that happened in the past Willow is determined to keep everything platonic :-)

Willow has loved Seb for as long as she can remember, but he has a past that she can’t handle, so she’s never done anything about it. But to not have him in her life is unthinkable, so  she holds on to him the only way she can – through friendship. Now his writing career is taking off, and Willow finds herself increasingly jealous of his groupies and increasingly unable to keep her feelings to herself.

An unexpected visit leads to an unanticipated kiss – and Seb and Willow end up in her bed. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Willow, but can she trust that Seb wants more than a bit of afternoon delight – and can she trust herself to let go of the past in order to gain a future?

The room was illuminated by dozens of candles. Rose petals were scattered across the carpet and an elusive scent of jasmine perfumed the air. Willow stared, seeing but not quite believing. Seb’s room looked like a decadent den of seduction.

“After you.” His sinfully sexy whisper heightened the sense of unreality thudding through her mind. She licked her dry lips and tried to come up with a witty response but her voice had vanished in shock.

When she remained rooted to the spot he slid his fingers through hers and tugged her into the room before kicking the door shut behind them.

“It’s all about relaxation and letting go of your everyday stresses,” Seb said while his thumb caressed the back of her hand.

She let out a huff of laughter. “Nice try. It looks to me more like a prelude to sex.” Of course it was. The only question was would she go through with it or not?

“No, the sex is optional.” His wicked grin scrambled her senses. Optional? Was he serious? “I’m offering you an ultimate stress reliever tonight and that’s not optional.”

The graphic vision of Seb’s hands on her body filled her mind. No sex? Every guy she’d ever dated couldn’t wait to get to the sex part. Then again she wasn’t dating Seb. How many times did she have to remind herself of that?

 My book, Willow, is the ninth in the continuity of eleven novellas. I had so much fun writing this and I can’t wait until it hits the cyber shelves on 19th February 2015!

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Sondrae Bennett said...

I love the tone of your writing voice. "Decadent Den of Seduction" indeed! So Virginia's the first book? I'll be adding that to my TBR list.

Anonymous said...

I can just feel my own tension needing the same treatment ;). Great snippet and I can't wait for the housewives' books

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Sondrae :-) Yes, Virginia is the first book, releasing this week. Hope you enjoy!

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Nicolette! I'd love a rose petal massage right now too :-)

PJ DEAN said...

No strings-attached stress relieving? I'm there.

Christina Phillips said...

LOL, me too, P.J. Dean :-)