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Vampire Rock Band SEX WITH STRINGS by @ShonaHusk #Erotic #PNR

It's my pleasure to welcome my good friend and fellow WA author Shona Husk to my blog today, to showcase Sex with Strings her anthology featuring the four novellas of the vampire rock band, Lucinda's Lovers.

Sex with strings

Four Vampires, one rock band. What happens on tour doesn't always stay on tour. The ancient vampire musicians of Lucinda's Lovers specialize in one-night stands with rock groupies, but sometimes backstage quickies turn into passionate nights and long-term lovers. Includes the novellas Kissing Phoenix, Tasting Thanatos, Sharing Sirius and Enchanting Absinthe

 Kissing Phoenix
 When Lilith fell into lust with musician Aidan she never expected it to
last. And she was right. Her doctor has given her months to live, and
telling Aidan is the hardest thing she's ever done.

Aidan has been keeping his own secret. He is Vampire...but he can't
turn Lilith and save her. The solution he proposes is illegal and
dangerous and breaks every rule set up to protect non-humans from
humans. He doesn't care. He will do anything to save the woman he loves.

Discovering the kiss of a Vampire and reveling in the erotic thrill,
Lilith realizes her feelings are deeper than lust. But is giving up her
humanity worth it?

Tasting Thanatos
 Etienne, sometimes known as Thanatos, wants to feel again.
Anything--pain, pleasure, hunger, thirst. He lost all sensation after
being tortured during the French Revolution. His quest has led to a
love of body piercing and delivers him into the hands of lovely but
aloof fellow Vampire Maria.

Maria avoids her kind, and represses the urge to drink the blood of her
lovers. The first time she bit, she killed, and she's terrified of
making the same mistake again. Instead she finds satisfaction through
piercing. Until Etienne lays down a challenge--make me feel.

He wants her to take him in every way, to mark his soul. And to do
that, Maria must embrace every part of her vampire nature.

Sharing Sirius

I n ancient Vampires, boredom can literally kill. When Jack sees Owen
beginning to succumb, he knows he is no longer enough. Owen needs the
blood of another lover to survive. So Jack turns to Katya, hoping she
can entice Owen into living again.

At first Katya denies her lust to her boss, even though she's wanted
him for years. With Jack promising to look the other way, she has a
scorching-hot encounter with Owen.

Owen doesn't want to admit what is happening to him. He doesn't want to
cheat and break Jack's heart, and yet he can't resist Katya. But Katya
and Jack have their own sexy plan. And neither of them intend to lose

Enchanting Absinthe

Claire Winters is two days away from taking her place in the Shamanic
Council's Genetic Protection Program. To keep the fragile bloodline
strong, every Shaman female must have one pure Shaman child. Tonight
she wants one last fling and she has the lead violinist of Lucinda's
Lover in her sights--even though lustful liaisons with Vampires are
strictly forbidden.

Absinthe has shunned long term relationships for so long he's not sure
he knows how to do anything but one-night stands. A forbidden hybrid of
Shaman and Vampire, he has the ability to draw up power during shows
and enchant people--usually women--out of their panties. But when he
chooses Claire and a quickie backstage turns into a passionate night he
can't forget, he isn't sure who was enchanting who.

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Three time ARRA finalist Shona Husk lives in Western Australia at the
edge of the Indian Ocean. Blessed with a lively imagination she spent
most of her childhood making up stories. As an adult she discovered
romance novels and hasn't looked back. Drawing on history and myth, she
weaves new worlds and writes heroes who aren't afraid to get hurt while
falling in love.

With stories ranging from sensual to scorching, she write paranormal,
sci-fi, fantasy and contemporary romance.


Shelley Munro said...

How did I miss these? Sounds great. Off to investigate further.

Shelley Munro said...

How did I miss these? Sounds great. Off to investigate further.

Christina Phillips said...

Shelley, it's such a good idea to have all four novellas in one book!