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Fantasy Erotic Romance by Tamsin Baker STORM CLOUDS #M/F #F/F #F/F/M

Today it's my pleasure to welcome the lovely Tamsin Baker to my blog to showcase her latest release, Storm Clouds.

Storm Clouds by Tamsin Baker

Fantasy M/F Erotic Romance with F/F and F/F/M scenes.


Nayla is United to her beautiful unicorn Bronte. She knows the legends and is waiting for the United pair that will complete their life. When Gorvan arrives with Seinna, his United, she knows instantly he's her soul mate. But Gorvan is stubborn and scared. He wants to keep moving from town to town and doesn’t believe Naylaa about their need for one another. Naylaa must make him see it... before greed and stubbornness tears them and their beloved unicorns apart forever.


A soldier on night watch stepped out to greet them, surprising Naylaa and making her jump back into Bronte's side.

 It's alright, Naylaa. 

Bronte's voice calmed her and Naylaa saw the guard's eyes widen in awe, despite the pitch black night.

"They are expecting you," he stammered.

Naylaa had walked slowly down the path to the town, unwilling to give into the fears haunting her. Her palms had been sweating as she ran her hands through Bronte's mane, her legs shaking as she had moved.

Let's go. The words and an impatient head butt made her walk faster. At least one of them was certain of the decision.

Nodding her head at the second guard, she walked through the open door and across the court yard, remembering the way.

Another soldier opened the main door for them and they stepped into the antechamber, filled with candlelight. The King sat on a chair outside his wife's bedroom, and jumped to his feet when he saw them.

"You came," he cried out in excitement, his hands fluttering by his sides. "You both came," he repeated, quieter this time as his eyes widened again as he took in Bronte's form. Few people ever saw a unicorn.

Naylaa stopped a few feet away and felt Bronte's bulk press against her as he moved up next to her, his head held high. The tension within his strong body transferred to hers and she placed a calming hand on his back.

I can smell her. 

"Go into that room, Bronte." The stallion walked past the quivering King and whinnied loudly. Bronte tossed his head restlessly.

I need to help. 

Naylaa closed her eyes as the pain Bronte transmitted through their bond, lanced through her. All unicorns were made to heal other creatures, but they also felt their pain as if it were their own. It was a double edged sword.

 She is so close to death. 

Naylaa frowned, were they too late?

"Is he alright?" The King asked startled by the noise Bronte was making.

"Bronte wants to help. He doesn't like seeing people sick."

The King waited a moment, his breath quickening before he asked the question she knew was looming.

 "Then why doesn't he help you more often? Why isn't he in town?"

"Your Highness, you know why. If I could trust the people not to touch him or hurt him, I would. But I can't, and I won't subject Bronte to that sort of stress." She stalked straight past the King, annoyed enough to want to shove him. How dare he make her feel selfish for keeping Bronte to herself?

 "Thank you for coming." The Queen pulled herself up and into a sitting position, her eyes bulging as she watched the black unicorn maneuver himself into position. Bronte moved his large body and head around so he was facing the sick Queen. He then lowered his head and offered his horn to the suffering woman.

Tell her to touch me. 

The Queen glanced at Naylaa, fear and wonder in her pale green eyes.

 "Just reach out and run your hand down his horn. You will feel a tingle, then we will wait whilst you both rest."

"I won't hurt him?" The Queen began lifting her pale and bony hand, the effort to move even that small amount showing in her strained face.

"No, but he will be depleted. We will need to rest here for a little while."

The Queen ran her fingertips over the grooves in Bronte's horn and it began to glow, Naylaa shuddered. She could feel the Queen's sickness in the pit of her stomach.

I'm alright, Naylaa. 

She felt Bronte gather his power and push it out of his body towards the sick woman touching him.

The Queen gasped and grabbed Bronte's horn, her firm grip intensifying his power. He snuffled and snorted again, his big body quivering in both excitement and physical strain.

So ill. 

Naylaa gasped and pressed her back to the bedroom wall, sliding to the floor as her legs gave out. Bronte was saving them both. She hadn't been sure he would be able to. She could feel his choice to give the queen enough energy not only for herself, but for her unborn child.

The King rushed forward when the Queen moaned and arched her back.

"No, don't touch her." Naylaa screamed at the King in desperation, putting both hands out to him.

The King stopped just before he reached the bed, his fists clenching at his sides.

"Bronte is saving the Queen and your baby. He needs more time." Her head was spinning now. Her connection to Bronte was never more obvious to anyone who cared to look, than at this very moment.

The Queen moaned again, then let go of Bronte's horn and fell back against her pillows. The unicorn whinnied and sank slowly to the floor.

She will heal.

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