Saturday, August 25, 2012

Diamonds are Forever - RWA Gold Coast Conference 2012

As promised here are a few photos from the Gold Coast conference last week, with big thanks to Sara Hantz who not only remembered to take her camera but also remembered to use it!! This is the spectacular view from our hotel balcony. Despite August being the middle of winter Down Under the weather was gorgeous for the entire weekend.

It happened to be my birthday on the Saturday so, any chance for a celebration, here I am with Amanda Ashby and our posh pink plastic cups of champagne!

Here I am with fellow Berkley Babe, Kylie Griffin, enjoying another cup of champagne (I lost count how many I had, but this was entirely Sara's fault as she kept topping me up. Therefore, I do believe I only ever had one cup!!!)

With a couple of the lovely Apocalypse girls, Kylie Scott and Tracey O'Hara just before the Awards Dinner on Saturday night.

And here is Fiona Lowe with her RITA award for her Carina Press novel, Boomerang Bride!  She also won the RWAus prestigious R*BY Award for best long romance. Although we caught up briefly at the conference itself, we didn't have a good chat until we both caught the same shuttle back to the Gold Coast airport on Sunday afternoon. I even got to have a hold of the golden RITA at the airport!! She is rather heavy and very beautiful!

Next year the conference is in my home state of Western Australia and I promise to not only take my camera next time (I thought I could get away with just my phone this year - big mistake!!!) I promise to take lots of photos too!!!

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Eleni Konstantine said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Christina!!!