Friday, July 13, 2012

Romance Writers of the Apocalypse - Let the End Begin!

It's Friday 13th!! and you know what that means. Fun and games at the launch party over at the Romance Writers of the Apocalypse blog! And while you're there check out the awesome artwork from This he(ART) of mine.

Here's the lowdown, pinched directly from the blog itself 
We're discussing the Apocalypse and giving away sh*t. All of us and lots of it. More ebooks than you can poke an axe at and some paper and ink ones too. Comment on our blog any time from Friday 13 - Sunday 15 as many times as you like (though we'll mock you if you get out of hand - be warned). Adore us and implore us to give you stuff. You never know, it might work. We're impressionable like that. And unstable. But that's half the fun!

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