Friday, March 16, 2012

Touch of the Demon - Rises from the Ashes!

I've dipped my toe in the self-publishing pool, and have released my dark erotic futuristic/fantasy Touch of the Demon through Smashwords (I'll also be uploading to Amazon Kindle very soon). It's been an eye-opening experience reformatting the book for e-publication and I'm sure I would never have made it without the help of the amazing, award winning author Cathleen Ross who cyber held my hand throughout the whole Smashwords Meatgrinder process!

Touch of the Demon is the first in my upcoming Sensual Seduction Series of erotic shorts that I intend to self-publish and is just $0.99. Check out the new trailer below!

This 10k word short story was first published in 2009 with The Wild Rose Press.

Dark angel Rafe travels back in time to destroy the woman who is fated to bring untold chaos to the cosmos. Instead he finds Celeste, a child of the Earth Goddess, who is sworn to protect the one Rafe seeks. He mistakes her for his quarry, but an irresistible attraction prevents him from taking her soul. And although Celeste holds the one weapon capable of banishing Rafe from Earth forever, she's unable to deny the overwhelming desire to possess this creature from hell. They come together in a frenzy of passion, each believing they are changing destiny by their actions. But when the Earth Goddess appears they discover her plans are more far reaching than either had  imagined.


Mel Teshco said...

WOOT!! well done Christina - it's all so exciting this publishing world we're living in =)

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks Mel! It is exciting and something I never thought I'd attempt. Today I uploaded the Kindle version to Amazon - wish me luck!!!

Cathleen Ross said...

It's a great story, Christina. That meatgrinder is confronting the first time. It gets easier with each upload. I was happy to hold your hand.

Christina Phillips said...

Thanks, Cathleen!