Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Madness

It's been a crazy month so far. I finished my second Archangel book and sent the proposal to my agent (who loved it - yay!) So now we wait and see what the verdict is from my editor on that one. Since then I've been madly polishing and editing my Highland Warrior. I have no idea why but this book came in at 105k so I've been slashing and burning to bring it down to a more manageable word count. Am slowly getting there!

On Wednesday I'm over at The Romance Reviews to help celebrate their first birthday anniversary. And there's a giveaway of Captive up for grabs! Just answer a simple question (the answer is found on my Christina Phillips website) and you're in with a chance. I'll put more details up tomorrow as the link for my Q&A doesn't go live until Wednesday.

And on Saturday 17th March I'm over at Totebags chatting about all sorts of new beginnings - will post more details later in the week!

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