Thursday, June 09, 2011

Skittles and a Fairy Bad Day

Huge congratulations to my dear friend, Amanda Ashby, as her fabulous YA Fairy Bad Day hits the shelves today!

Here's the blurb to whet your appetite:

First, my rightful designation of dragon slayer is STOLEN right out from under me by Curtis Green. Sure, he’s really cute, but that doesn’t give him an excuse.

 On top of that, I am assigned to slay fairies. I know what you’re thinking—how hard could it be, right? Wrong! These menacing beasts with their tiny hipster clothes and mocking sarcasm love taunting me. And they won’t STOP!

  But the thing that tops my list of stuff to ruin my day? That would be the GIANT KILLER FAIRY that I have to hunt down and slay because I am the only one who can see it. There is someone who can help me. Unfortunately…it’s Curtis. 

And here's the excerpt Enjoy! (and if you're wondering what the Skittles reference is all about, they play a Very Important role in the book!!!)


Shelley Munro said...

LOL - guess what movie hubby and I are watching at the moment? The Tooth Fairy *grin*
I've been looking forward to reading Amanda's book since I first heard about it. Fairy Bad Day sounds like another fun book.

Christina Phillips said...

LOL Shelley! i love Julie Andrews in that movie, so funny!!