Thursday, April 22, 2010

Delicious Debuts #5

Wow! I've read a lot of debut authors over the last few months! Today I'd like to showcase another two books I recently finished and loved. First up is Helene Young's Border Watch a contemporary suspense novel set in North Queensland.

Helene is a Captain in a major regional airline company, so really knows her stuff when it comes to flying! Border Watch gripped me from the start, and is an adrenaline fueled race against the clock.

High above the crystal-blue waters of North Queensland, Captain Morgan Pentland patrols the vast Australian coastline. When Customs Agent Rafe Daniels joins her crew, she is immediately suspicious. Why is he boarding her plane when she isn’t there? And why is he asking so many questions?

What Morgan doesn’t know is that Rafe has her under surveillance. Critical information about their Border Watch operations is being leaked and she is the main suspect.

Morgan’s ex, elite police officer Carl Wiseman, is back on the scene after she finally found the courage to throw him out. Is he trying to regain Morgan’s affections of are his intentions more sinister?

When Morgan and Rafe are shot down in a tragic midair attack, they realise they have to start working together – and quickly. One of Australia’s most loved icons is the next target and they have only nine days to stop it.

Will they uncover details of the plot in time, or will the tension that is growing between them jeopardise everything?

And Nikki Logan's first book from Harlequin Mills & Boon is a gorgeous reunion/friends-to-lovers Romance that I couldn't put down! Her next book is out in June and I can't wait!

Lights, Camera…Kiss the Boss is set in the TV industry. Ava Lange, my heroine, is a landscape designer and loves to turn derelict urban spaces into green spaces. She’s been working as a designer behind-the-scenes for a Sydney lifestyle program, Urban Nature, when the network decides she’d make the perfect on-screen host. Ava is mortified, thinking this will ruin her professional credibility, but nowhere near as mortified as when she finds out that she’ll be working closely with her childhood crush, Daniel Arnot.

Dan’s worked like a dog to make Producer and he’s this close to the biggest promotion of his career. Bending the arm of a childhood friend to help make his latest show a success is minor compared to some of the concessions he’s made in order to get revenge on the father who made his childhood a misery. But when the network starts playing games with Ava’s reputation, Dan finds himself torn between the goal that has driven him his whole life and the gentle woman who just wants to be left alone to design beautiful gardens.

Working so closely together makes it impossible to keep their childhood memories at bay and Ava struggles to keep a lid on her feelings. Despite everything, when it all goes pear-shaped, Dan's the last one she expects to be behind it.


Anonymous said...

Two books I really want to read, but have yet to! Thanks for giving them the thumbs up Christina, makes me want them even more now! =)

Cari Quinn said...

Both sound excellent. Thanks for the heads up, Christina!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Still have to read Helene's book but have read Nikki's. Definitely a great story.