Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Deadline Day

And the edits have gone! Seriously, in the end I just had to hit Send and be done with it, otherwise I would have opened up the document again - and read the entire book again and you know what that means... more tweaking. It's like a compulsion!! All I can say is thank goodness New York is 12 hours behind WA since that gave me the extra half day to fine-tune!!!

Having a deadline also meant I couldn't hang around staring at the Send button for hours as per usual. I must be getting better as it only took me ten minutes to pluck up the necessary courage!

And as for Facebook... why didn't I know that on the Like/Fan page you have to click on different links to actually see if anybody has sent you a message? I stumbled over that entirely by accident while visiting the lovely Janet Woods page!


Kaye Manro said...

Oh yes and do I ever know about the tweaking. It's a wonder I ever get anything past the send.

Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

I'm also with you Christina,
If I read said manuscript over just one more time.. urgh...

And face book, don't tell me about it. lol.. It's still a jungle for me.

Suz :)

Phillipa said...

Well done, Christina. Guess you deserve a treat - what's it going to be. P x

Christina Phillips said...

LOL, Kaye and Suz - crazy isn't it!!!

Phillipa, well I don't know about a treat but I'm fighting a synopsis at the moment!!!

VENICE. said...