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Lots of Vampire Goodness!!!

Today we're doing something a little bit different! Mel Teshco's first Nocturne Bites, Her Dark Lord, is released this month and Anna Hackett's Hunter's Surrender is releasing in April. So please welcome both Mel and Anna as they chat about some of their favourite heroes - vampires!

As Anna's Nocturne Bite isn't out until next month, I've linked to her latest Bites release, Taken by the South Wind

Mel and Anna, thanks for stopping by! And... it's over to you!

Mel: When Anna Hackett and I decided to join forces to promote our March/April Nocturne Bites, we wanted to showcase our love for our vampire characters. Oddly enough, my first published book with Ellora’s Cave, STONE-COLD LOVER had a gargoyle hero. Anna’s first published works for Nocturne Bites, SAVAGE DRAGON featured a dragon hero.

So why a Bites story featuring vampires? Apart from the fact they are one of Nocturne’s most popular characters, I think most of us would agree there is something primal, dark and mysterious (and yes, dangerous!) about a vampire hero – or heroine – that attracts us. And there’d be few who wouldn’t love, just a little, the bad-boy alpha male.

Anna: Mel, you hit on it when you said dangerous…I think that’s why I love reading and writing paranormal stories. That edge of danger enhances everything for me—the action and the romance! And a bad-boy alpha makes me happy any time.

However, the hero in my vampire Bites, HUNTER’S SURRENDER isn’t a vampire. He’s a battle-scarred vampire hunter. It’s my heroine who’s the vampire. For me, I love stepping into my heroine’s shoes and imagining what it’s like to be unearthly beautiful, super strong, able to command others with my voice and addictively attractive to the hero.

Here’s a small taste of our Bites:

Mel: A snipped from HER DARK LORD. First chapter.

“It isn’t over between us. Not by a long shot.”

Kia Montana hid a smile as she rolled up her sheer stockings and clipped them to her lace suspenders. Pushing her feet into the heeled shoes she’d tossed aside so carelessly the night before, she glanced over at the gorgeous man sprawled out on her hotel bed.

Passion emanated from him, scorching and hot. She gave him a cool smile, resisting an impulse to sashay over, lean forward and trace her tongue along the salty warmth of his collarbone, and down over the hardened buds of his dusky nipples.

Even harder to withstand was the urge to sink her fangs into his delectable throat, taste the pulsating warmth of his essence while he brought her to climax just once more.

She breathed slow and deep, and his glittering, gun-metal eyes held her gaze when she said, “Sorry, I don’t do relationships.”

“Don’t apologize,” he drawled. And as she slipped into her crimson lace bra, a savage light sparked deep in his stare. “I know just how to change your mind.”

Her breasts, still tingling from his mouth, his clever hands, hardened under his scrutiny as she clipped the bra into place. Her pulses jumped, but it was his declaration that kick-started her heart into high speed.

She inhaled slowly, gaining control. “Oh?” she queried with an Oscar winning note of boredom.

“You want access to all of Sydney’s underworld places. As your escort, I can offer you that.” He smiled at her silence. “A ticket to where only an exclusive few have been.”

Her heartbeat surged into a frantic gallop as excitement writhed deep inside. When she’d seen him at last night’s shindig, moving through the crème de le crème of the Sydney crowd like he owned each and every party-goer there, her instincts had clamored.

He held the key.

Anna: A snippet from HUNTER’S SURRENDER when the hero, Rand first meets the heroine, Dominique. She rescues him from some cops intent on arresting him:

“Now, you don’t want to do that, chéri.”

The female voice floated through the night like an angel’s song. It stroked over Rand ’s nerve endings like caressing fingers, setting his body aflame.

She came out of the darkness like an underworld goddess. Tall, slender, pale skin glowing in the dark. She wore a white leather catsuit, which should have looked ridiculous, but only accented slim curves and feminine limbs. A fall of raven hair reached her waist.

Light in the darkness. Rand blinked, unable to look away.

She stopped, pressed a hand to her hip and looked at the cops. “I believe you were leaving. You saw nothing here that concerns you.” Strains of France were threaded through her modulated tones.

The older cop nodded. “Yes, ma’am. You’re right. Let’s go, Johnson.”

The younger man stared at her with glazed eyes. “We were leaving. Nothing here that concerns us.”

Rand fought his body’s instinctive urge to follow the men.

The woman sauntered forward, moving with a liquid grace that mesmerized. She patted Johnson’s cheek, then watched them get in their car and drive away.

Then she turned to Rand .

A searing pain hit him between the eyes. Her unearthly beauty struck him like a blow to the head and his body hardened. Her features were perfect—slim nose, sharp cheekbones, sensual lips and eyes the color of amethysts.

Eyes that held an impossible blend of experience and innocence.

To celebrate the release of HER DARK LORD and HUNTER’S SURRENDER, we’re having a Vampire Bites Giveaway—we’re giving away a different vampire Bites each week for the whole of March and April! Check out our blogs for a chance to win!

Anna Hackett has always been a reader and her favorite books are romance, action-adventure or both. When the urge to write got too strong to ignore, it was no surprise she combined romance, action and her love of ancient history in her stories.

Australian Anna and her English-American husband currently live in an isolated mining town in northern Australia. When she’s not wearing her boots and hard hat, she’s at her computer dreaming up deliciously dark heroes, strong heroines and action-packed, emotionally-charged paranormal romance.

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Mel Teshco grew up in Australia, where her seemingly gypsy dad and ever patient mother saw her living in many areas of the East Coast, along with her sister and two brothers.

Each new home stimulated an already over-active imagination, where she spent as much time dreaming about fantasy worlds as the real world - the fantasy sometimes being much better.
Now living on a small rural property with three horses and a handful or two of cats, she is happily married with three children of wide-spread ages and a stepson.

Not only does she adore writing darker-style paranormals, she also enjoys writing paranormal erotica and has some published works with Ellora's Cave.

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April Vine said...

Hey Christina, Mel and Anna
Great interview. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the excerpts, definitely ones to get.
Thank you : )

Anna Hackett said...

Hi Christina --
Thanks so much for having us!

Anna Hackett said...

Hi April --
Glad you enjoyed the interview and snippets. Thanks for stopping by!

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Christina,
thanks from me too for having us and posting a little piece about us and our latest books =)

Mel Teshco said...

Hi April,
thanks for reading our excerpts and enjoying them =)

Erica Hayes said...

{waves} terrific excerpts! Who doesn't love a hot vampire story?

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Erica,
thanks re: the excerpts!
Hot vampire story = yum!! =)

Cathryn Hein said...

Great interview and fantastic excerpts, ladies. Both sucked (scuse the pun) me right in.

Emmeline Lock said...

Loving these teasers! I agree - lots of vampire goodness! :)

Anna does have a Facebook Fan Page - just search for "Anna Hackett - Author".

Anna Hackett said...

Hi Erica --
Hooray for hot vamprie stories! Glad you liked the excerpts.

Anna Hackett said...

Hi Cathryn --
Love the pun! And pleased to hear you got sucked in (-:

Anna Hackett said...

Hey E --
Sorry, my fault about my Facebook page! I haven't updated the link over at the Nocturne Authors Site (where I think Christina got the info!) I'll get it updated ASAP.

Thanks for being my Facebook champion!

Mel Teshco said...

Cathryn, I enjoyed the pun too =)
Hi Elove! plenty more teasers where they came from (g)

Emmeline Lock said...

Hehe. That's okay Anna. You ARE a busy girl! :)

I thought I'd better put it out there, so that more like-minded people can come and share the lerv!.


Kylie Griffin said...

Thanks for sharing more good Aussie talent - Mel and Anna - always great to see what new(ish) books are coming out! :-)

My "TO BUY" pile keeps getting larger and larger and soon I'm going to own shares in the bookstore I buy from! Sigh!

Anna Hackett said...

Hi Kylie --
I sympathise with the "To Buy" list! I have a Kindle, so I do my fair share of supporting Amazon (-:

Mel Teshco said...

LOL on the shares!! Maybe we're all in the wrong business! (g)

Sharon Archer said...

Hi Mel and Anna

I enjoyed your interview, ladies, and those sizzling excerpts! Wonderful, hot, hot, hot heroines!


Anna Hackett said...

Hi Sharon --
Thanks! Glad you thought the excerpts sizzled.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Congrats on your releases Mel & Anna! What a team.

Thanks Christina for hosting.

Mel Teshco said...

Sharon and Eleni,
thanks for taking a look at our excerpts and ramblings, glad you both enjoyed them =)
Christina!! Thanks so much for having us *MWAH*

Christina Phillips said...

Mel and Anna thanks so much for being my guests this week! It was lovely having you over to play!!

Margaret M said...

I'm new to the paranormal genre and I'm addicted already or is that bitten.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful excerpts they're both fantastic and I can't wait to get my copies.
Thanks, Margaret Midwood