Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you to the lovely Cari Quinn, for this fun award! I need to share seven fun facts about myself and pass the award on to seven other bloggers. Of course my mind is a blank! I blame the weather. It's been so hot over the last few days it's like sitting in an oven in my office... even now, 11 at night, it's like a sauna!

OK here we go.

1. I'm allergic to perfume, scented body cream and prawns. I'm especially peeved about the prawns, since I was perfectly ok with them up until last Christmas when for some reason I started to swell up like a balloon!!

2. The best finale of a fave series was Battlestar Galactica. I know some people hated it but they are wrong, wrong wrong! It totally rocked. I loved it soooo much. Does this count as a fact about myself? I'm not sure, but since I'm still obsessed by the series I'm sticking with it.

3. While going through security at Singapore airport, my shoes set off the alarms. We didn't figure out the culprit was my shoes straight away *sigh*

4. I am still slightly obsessed with Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf. I bet that one's a big surprise!!

5. My first crush was on Les Mckeown from the Bay City Rollers. Bye, Bye, Baby!!!

6. The very first thing I noticed about my husband-to-be (from across the crowded room - ok it wasn't that crowded but it definitely was a room!) were his fabulous blue eyes. Even now I have to fight the urge to give every single one of my heroes amazing blue eyes.

7. I can no longer drink alcohol. I discovered two years ago even a couple of sips made me grumpy and sent me off to sleep, which is pretty annoying as I really love the taste of bacardi and coke. So now I'm a Chardonnay girl through and through! (yeah I'm fussy on the wine front too!!)

I pass this beautiful award on to:

Amanda Ashby

Sara Hantz

Eleni Konstantine

Mel Teshco

Suzanne Brandyn

Nell Dixon

April Vine


Kaye Manro said...

Hi Christina! I enjoyed reading you seven. I can relate to the alergies to certain things. And to the sci fi! As for drinking-- that's out for me too because I get bad headaches!

Emma Lai said...

Hi Christina. I too am allergic to scented things. *Sigh* Though instead of prawns, it's pineapple for me.

Mel Teshco said...

What a great blog award - thanks for passing along to me *kiss*
I too enjoyed reading your seven =)

Helen Hardt said...

Christina -- the Bay City Rollers were so HOT!!!

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Kaye! Yes, I get the headaches too and even with wine I can't drink more than two small glasses without nodding off (I'm such a party animal!!)

Emma, wow, I've not come across a pineapple allergy before. It's very weird how our bodies take exception to some things, isn't it?

Hey Mel, you're welcome! I look forward to reading your seven *evil grin*!

Helen, I thought they were smoking at the time but must admit I do kind of cringe when I think back!!!

Angie said...

I once went through an airport metal detector set so sensitive it binged on the rivets in my jeans. [eyeroll] I supposed they could've been teeny-weeny grenades or something....

Hopefully it didn't take them too long (or too much Official Groping [cough]) to figure out the issue was your shoes. :)


Christina Phillips said...

LOL Angie, it was a bit embarrassing as I was taking off more and more stuff... if that wasn't bad enough my hand luggage set off concerns through the x-ray machine. That turned out to be the silver handles of my make up brushes! Perhaps they thought I was a relative of Buffy!!!

Angie said...

Yay carry-on. :) I once travelled with a piece of needle lace I was working on. I knew better than to take a pair of embroidery scissors (OMGOneInchBlades!!!) on the plane, so I included a nail clipper for snipping. I use an empty (and clean [grin]) oatmeal box as a working base (same shape as the cylindrical pads you can get, but MUCH cheaper) and keep my work, the thread and the clipper inside the box.

So I'm going through security and there's come consternation over my tote bag. Three people are looking and poking at the X-ray screen, fishing around in my bag and consulting and poking and fishing, and finally someone thinks to come up and ask me about the nail clipper. I showed them that it was inside the oatmeal box, and apparently that made it all okay. It was clearly a nail clipper and not, say, a .45 or a flamberge or a pipe bomb, but they had to eyeball it anyway. [sigh] Your tax dollars at work....


Eleni Konstantine said...

Aw, thanks for including me - hugs.

Rock on Battlestar Galactica and Meatloaf!!

I go this award ages ago from a friend and realised I haven't done the 7 things....ooopps....

Christina Phillips said...

Couple of years ago when flying from NZ back to Oz I was astounded when half way through the flight the lady next to me started painting her nails. How did they let her through with all those potentially dangerous liquids?!

Eleni, I always think of you whenever I think of BSG!! And OH! Got The Plan for my dh for Christmas - haven't watched it yet though!

Cari Quinn said...

Awesome list! And who can argue with fabulous blue eyes or Meatloaf? What a voice he has! *sigh*