Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Claiming His Bought Bride

I sent the edits back to my agent last week, and today hit two words short of 25k on the wip. Another 5k and I'll be a third of the way through!

Back in October, Eleni Konstantine hosted the fabulous Eleni-Fest. I not only won a very cool mug and matching pen from Eleni but also a copy of Rachel Bailey's debut Silhouette Desire, Claiming His Bought Bride.

Because Rachel's book doesn't hit the shelves until January 2010, I didn't think my copy would arrive until the New Year. So imagine how excited I was when it turned up yesterday! And oh wow, it's a smoking hot keeper. I'm not going to give anything away just yet as the lovely Rachel is guesting on my blog in January when we'll be chatting about the book. But I will say this. I managed to write only one sentence on the wip this morning before my resolve cracked and I had to read the rest of Damon and Lily's story!

And just look at that gorgeous cover. It's so romantic and perfectly matches a scene in the book!


Emma Lai said...

Love the cover! You're such a tease, Christina.

Rachel Bailey said...

Oh, how lovely! Thanks for the kind words, Christina - I was thrilled when you were one of the winners of my book at Eleni-fest! Can't wait until my guest blog with you in Jan. :)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Oh goodie - you got it in time for Xmas!! How cool. Happy reading.