Friday, November 21, 2008

Strings Attached - Elisabeth Rose

Please welcome my special guest this week, Elisabeth Rose, who writes romantic comedy for The Wild Rose Press and whose latest book, Strings Attached, is available now!

Please tell us a little about yourself, Lis!

The wisdom is ‘write what you know’ so for me that means music and tai chi plus those myriad other life things a woman picks up after many decades as a wife and mother. I read constantly and have done since childhood. I was introduced to the delights of romance during summer holidays at my cousins—three girls. They had all Georgette Heyer’s books and I loved them.

Apart from two years in Europe I have lived all my life in Canberra, Australia’s capital.
I have two books out with Avalon Books and a third release in April. Find out more about me at my website

Strings Attached’ is my first book for The Wild Rose Press.

Can you tell us a little about your book, Strings Attached?

I write contemporary romance. Most of my stories have humour in them to some degree but this one is definitely a romantic comedy.

The first half is basically a road trip about four musicians including the violinist heroine Hannah, and two hangers-on – the hero, photographer Jack, and the irritating wife of the group leader -- travelling about country NSW on a concert tour which is disrupted by flooding. The second half is set in Sydney where Hannah and Jack, fighting a losing battle against intense physical attraction, attempt to get their act together. Not easy when their ambitions and life goals are precisely opposite and they’ve just spent the previous week annoying each other in the close confines of a car.

Strings Attached is a Champagne Rose, available now, and out in print in January 2009

How did the idea for the plot come about?

The initial idea came from a documentary on TV about The Australian String Quartet on a concert tour of the outback. They played outdoors in the desert, in shearing sheds etc
As a professional musician I’ve done several concert tours and the enforced closeness is great for stimulating emotions of all sorts eg the annoying people become more annoying, friends become closer, people fall in love. I also wanted to use a lot of funny anecdotes and situations I’d been told or experienced over the years so I stuck them all in, and laughed myself silly as I wrote! Just about every ridiculous happening in Strings Attached is based on a true story.

I love sale stories (ok I am just nosy!!) so can you tell us about your road to publication - and your call story?

My first sale was to Avalon Books. I’d had years of rejections but Avalon seemed to like my writing. They showed interest and then I didn’t hear anything for nearly a year. Very frustrating. They had a few editorial changes but to my queries I’d have an email saying, we like your story we’ll let you know. Finally they did. The Right Chord was accepted in 2006 and came out in April 2007.

Strings Attached did the rounds before being picked up by The Wild Rose Press. Most of the rejections were ‘good’ in that editors liked it thought it was funny etc but just not enough. I persisted because I love these two characters and knew they would find a home eventually. It’s unsuitable for my publisher Avalon because of the sex scene and the single title length.
I was delighted to get the confirmation email from The Wild Rose Press offering a contract. At last!!!

We are all about the love here, so please share your fave books, movies, TV shows or current fantasy squeeze (it's all in the line of research!)

I don’t have a favourite book that leaps to mind although I really like Jane Austen’s Emma, and Thomas Hardy’s The Mayor Of Casterbridge. My favourite series is Anthony Powell’s A Dance To The Music of Time. Depends how I feel what I like to read or watch.

I’m a sucker for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies and The Philadelphia Story is fantastic. Love Cary Grant. Audrey Hepburn is gorgeous. More contemporary? Al Pacino and Paul Newman. More recently Johnny Depp, Clive Owen, Damien Lewis.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on an idea I had while attending my niece’s wedding. Her groom had two best men. They were three best mates, two of whom are now married but the third stated he was never getting himself tied down—he crews on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean (True!!!!) The celebrant was wonderful, a young woman who absolutely adored the concept of marriage. . . Get my drift? Now how to get them together . . .

I also have a thriller on the go and a mystery. Both are ticking along slowly in between the romances. There’s also a paranormal idea I had years ago which I’d really like to develop one day.

How can readers keep up with your writing and books?

Go to my website

I also have a link to my blog there where I announce the latest developments in my writing life.
For the month of October I am the featured author on the Avalon website.

Thanks for the opportunity to talk about my books!
Best wishes and happy reading everyone


Mon Wood said...

Great interview. Lis, I love where you get your ideas from!

Anonymous said...

Lis, got to get myself a copy of 'Strings Attached'. My husband is a muso and I sing in a choir so, I'm sure I'll be able to relate...

Annick Weilche said...

Lis, got to get myself a copy of 'Strings Attached'. My husband is a muso and I sing in a choir so, I'm sure I'll be able to relate...

Elisabeth Rose said...

Hi Monique. It's amazing how a book can spring from one tiny germ of an idea. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to come up with any more and then something will happen and away I go. The hardest part is developing the little seed into a full grown story.

Hope you enjoy SA, Annick. I think it's a very Aussie book, specially in regard to the humour.

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Lis! Great to see we've got another book from you to read. As you know, I thoroughly enjoyed The Right Chord. One of the things I love about your books is that the characters are musicians. It's such a fascinating world to write about!

Hi Christina!!!!! Great interview!

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Anna! Thank you!

Lis, I'm not very good about sharing Clive, you know, thought I'd just better warn you!!!

Kaye Manro said...

Good interview, Christina.

And good luck to Lis with Strings Attached!

Helen Hardt said...

I can't imagine Christina sharing Clive, LOL.

Your story sounds wonderful, Lis, as does your Avalon release. A lot of my chaptermates are pubbed with Avalon. Congratulations on your success!


Cari Quinn said...

Fabulous interview, Elisabeth and Christina! I love to read (and write) romantic comedy, so I'll definitely check out Strings Attached!

Wishing you continued success... :)

Elisabeth Rose said...

Thanks for the good wishes everyone. It's very heartwarming to have such support.

OK Christina, Clive's all yours.LOL
Wrestling my lovely hostess to the ground isn't probably the most dignified thing to do.

How about Hugh Jackman voted sexiest man? Do we agree? He's got to be up the top of the list somewhere but there are so many sexy guys around . . . .Daniel Craig has a very dangerous edge to him as Bond. Mmmm. :) I like that

Christina Phillips said...

OMG yes. Hugh Jackman is the whole sexy package and was my #1 squeeze for many years before I discovered my gorgeous Clive!! I'll always have a soft spot for Hugh (don't tell Monique tho ha ha!!)

Daniel Craig is also rather lovely and makes a fabulous Bond. I better not continue here in case people think me flighty!!!

Shelley Munro said...

Great to meet you, Lis. I'm a sucker for humor in a story. Your book sounds great.

Christina - everyone is clingy when it comes to Clive. I wonder why that is? ;-)

Mon Wood said...

What?! What?! There cannot be ANY question about Hugh being on top of the list, Lis!!

I'll sit on Hugh's lap and watch you and Christina wrestle over Clive. Lol.

Daniel reminds me of a relative of mine, so there is a bit if an 'ew' quality there - it's like having the hots for my cousin! Blah!

Christina Phillips said...

Shelley, I don't know what it is about Clive, maybe his sexy eyes or rugged good looks or killer body. Myself, I go for his brain. *cough*

Monique, that's very generous of you *snigger!*

Elisabeth Rose said...

I must admit I envisioned Hugh as my hero Jack all through Strings Attached. And suggested that for the cover art. Funnily enough I also wrote in my cover art suggestions that the artist should think "young Nicole Kidman" for Hannah the heroine. Remeber when she had masses of lovely reddish curls in Dead Calm?
Unfortunately they ignored both my brilliant ideas.LOL

Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

Lovely interview. I must agree with Monique here, definately Hugh Jackman, ooooolala. :)

You have a few books out now lis, very impressed. I read The Right Cord, and loved it.

Suz :)