Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Firefly Contest

I admit I came late into the Firefly world, mainly because when the episodes did finally hit our tv screens down here, they were all over the place which annoys me no end. When Serenity came out my husband mocked and said he'd rather eat nails than see something by the creator of Buffy (I paraphrase but you get the gist!)

One day he came home with a pile of DVDs including Serenity. I mocked back, and he of course denied ever saying it was rubbish before even watching it. And then he did actually watch it. And became totally and utterly addicted. Last year, he was watching it on average about twice a week (and I'm being conservative with the numbers here). It got to the stage where even I got fed up with seeing it on the telly - Nathan notwithstanding!!!

However, the point of this rant is this. I have still yet to watch the entire season of Firefly, although I'm hoping to get the DVD set this Christmas (for my husband, because I'm that much of a good wife. ha!) (yes, it really does have nothing to do with the fact Nathan gets nekkid in one of the episodes. Honestly. Would I lie to you?)

So if you fancy the chance of winning the Firefly season on Blu Ray DVD, hop on over to Amanda Ashby's blog where she is having a contest. All you have to do is leave a comment. It's that easy!!

Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday to everyone who celebrates. And please pop back on Friday when I'm interviewing new Scarlet Rosette author, the very lovely and funny April Vine!!

And I also want to give a big Thank You to Eleni for awarding me the I Love Your Blog Award! Thank you!!


Eleni Konstantine said...

You're welcome Christina.

You have to get the series of Firefly - it is well crafted and had so much potential to be long running. Why do networks never see it that way? At least Joss Whedon managed to get Serenity made to continue the story.

Hmmm I haven't watched my copy in awhile (of both), so I'll put that on the list. Though ATM watching Farscape, Dr Who, The Sopranos, and something else...hmmm can't remember LOL!

Christina Phillips said...

Eleni, I've lost count of the number of series the networks have jerked around. Such as Farscape!!

Ooh, you've reminded me I could get some Doctor Who DVDs for Christmas (seeing as how I won't be able to get the most recent series of Battlestar Galactia! Grr!!)

hinder34 said...

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