Monday, March 03, 2008

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I'm so glad I found my glasses! I hadn't realised (or maybe had just forgotten - that happens. Frequently. Sigh!) just how much my poor eyes were missing them. Now I can actually read in the evenings after having been on the computer for hours, whereas before my eyes were too sore and achy. Quite scary really to think how I might have been damaging them.

Anyway, my tbr pile beckoned and over the weekend I dived in. I'm now half way through Shelley Munro's Summer in the City of Sails. I love Shelley's sense of humour, I keep giggling out loud at some of her heroine's sayings! And did I mention the hot hero? Not to mention the steamy sex too! (still can't figure out what the villian's up to... hmmm!)

The other book I'm currently reading is Anna Campbell's second novel, Untouched. I remember when Anna was writing this and dropping tantalising hints about her poor tortured hero (Anna writes incredibly tortured heroes!). Phew! Tortured is an understatement. And the love scenes blew me away. I can't wait to find out how this couple manage to find their HEA!

And to celebrate the upcoming release of Shelley's Fancy Free, here's a peek into the minds of her hero and heroine!

He Says, She Says on Inheriting a Condom Company


The reading of my god-mother’s will shocked me speechless. I assumed I’d inherit money or jewelry. A condom company came way down the bottom of my list of expectations! Who’d have thought? My god-mother offered me a share in a condom company or a small monetary inheritance. My boyfriend, Steven wanted me to take the money and run. Me—I saw possibilities, the answers to making my dreams come true. We fought about it. Embarrassing? Oh, yeah. We were the center of attention and there were quite a few sniggers from the other occupants of the hall.

I think I stepped into an Alice in Wonderland type rabbit hole on arrival for the reading of the will, not a plain old town hall. I caught sight of this man. Tall, dark and sexy. I dubbed him Mr. Dashing, and spellbound, my attention kept wandering to him. Imagine my blush when I discovered I’d have to work with him at the condom company. Things went downhill from there. Steven left Sloan in a huff because I wouldn’t follow his orders and two weird women accosted me shouting anti-condom slogans. Luckily, they didn’t seem violent but they gave me two business cards, one bearing a clown and the other a dog. Goodness knows what they mean. Life in Sloan looks as if it might be interesting, but I’m a bit wary about condoms. After all, it’s not as if I have experience in that arena…


I can’t believe Alicia expects me to train this girl. And Alicia’s death couldn’t have come at a worse time. Someone is out to sabotage Fancy Free. It’s been one thing after another. Financially, we can’t take much more. I hope the new design goes well because the company sure needs the boost of funds.

Will Alice and James make a good team? Will she make up with Steven? How do they test the condoms? And who is out to destroy Fancy Free?

Read Alice and James story in FANCY FREE by Shelley Munro to discover all the answers. Available from Ellora’s Cave on 7 March 2008.


Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

So glad you found your glasses. I can't see the screen at work without a pair, or in the shed, but when I'm in the house (this computer is connected to the internet) I don't need them! I probaby do and just sit much closer to the screen without realising it!

Shelley Munro said...

Hi Christina - I'm so glad you're enjoying Summer. I think Summer and Nikolai make a great couple. I've had quite a few requests for stories about the brothers and friends. One day...

I have Anna's book sitting on my hard drive ready to read. I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks for the promo on Fancy Free!
Hugs, Shelley

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad-- I misplace things too, glasses included. The books you are reading sound intriguing.

Nice plug for Shelly too.

Christina Phillips said...

Debs, my glasses are tinted to lessen the glare of computer screens, so I can't work without wearing them -my eyes scrunch up otherwise!

Shelley, I'm loving Summer and Nikolai and think stories about her brothers and Nik's friends would be awesome!!

Kaye, I'm glad I'm not alone in misplacing my glasses - my hubby used to tell me I need one of those chains that go round the neck to keep them safe (I wasn't amused!!)

Tempest Knight said...

Yeah, Shelley's books are wonderful. I can't wait to read "Fancy Free." After reading the blurb, the publisher should put a warning "too funny you'll pee." Hahaha!

Barrie said...

I have got to get my TBR pile in order It toppled over! Which gives you an idea of how many books there are!

Christina Phillips said...

OMG Tempest! That's so funny I splurted my tea over the screen!!

I know what you mean Barrie - I've become sooo behind in my reading over the last few months I keep falling over my tbr piles!

Amanda Ashby said...

Yay on finding your glasses. I still haven't read Anna's first book yet. I love the sound of Shelley's new book. It's just too funny!