Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And for my Next Trick

On occasion, I despair of myself.

Four months ago, I lost my glasses. Searched high and low, and eventually resigned myself to the fact I'd accidentally thrown them out while Eldest Daughter moved back home (there were boxes and rubbish everywhere. I kid you not). So I've been using my older pair which are perfectly fine... except I did notice my eyes got very sore and tired quite easily.

Earlier today, I cleared out the desk drawers while searching for my private medical log in details (and that's another saga in itself. Why didn't I squirrel it away somewhere sensible, say in the medical file?? Oh yes that's right. Because that would be TOO EASY).

And of course, what did I find but my lovely purple glasses. I put them on and OMG! The world popped into focus. It's like after you've been watching normal telly and then suddenly switch over to watch a programme in the HD format!

In writerly stuff, I've sent off my Nocturne Bites. And because I think the whole premise of Shelley's upcoming book is so delicious, here's something from Fancy Free that totally cracked me up...

Alicia started her company, Fancy Free on a whim—a business to occupy her time and keep her old school friends busy. Many of Sloan’s residents considered Fancy Free a strange business, and some were plain shocked, but Alicia didn’t believe in following conventions. Condoms were something she knew about. She’d researched them enough, heck, she’d even used a few in her time. Condoms were her passion, and so condoms were what her company produced. On her death, she left her precious company to her god-daughter Alice Beasley.

A snippet from Alicia’s collection of condom notes:

During Roman times, a magic condom became popular. This condom supposedly protected the users from pregnancy and from evil spirits. To make a magic condom the woman collected a large handful of fur from a she-mule’s mane. During the foreplay stage, the man and woman wove a condom from the fur, which was then used during lovemaking.

Alicia’s note – sounds uncomfortable and itchy but the foreplay might be interesting. Did it leak? Source: Humble Little Condom by Aine Collier

Get your copy of FANCY FREE, an erotic romance about condoms by Shelley Munro, from Ellora’s Cave on March 7, 2008.
To read an excerpt visit

A FURRY CONDOM!!! OMG I am giggling about it as I type this!!!


Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

I'm always losing things that I put in 'a safe place'.

I'm still trying to picture a furry condom?!

Sara Hantz said...

Yay on being able to see things.... no excuse not come on msn now and you'll be able to see the keyboard!!

I agree, a furry condom HAHAHAHAHAHA

Christina Phillips said...

Debs, I'm glad I'm not the only one - but honestly, I still can't believe my glasses were in the drawer right next to me for FOUR MONTHS! It just goes to show how often I (don't) tidy up!!

Sara, I know! The furry condom gets me every time HAHHAHAA!!!

Shelley Munro said...

My theory is the moment you label something a "safe" place it becomes anything but safe!!

LOL - yes, that wee snippet cracked me up, too. Um, imagining the whole scenario makes me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Furry condoms? That is so funny! I will read Shelly's Fancy Free.

Glad you found your glasses. Nocturne authors need to SEE beyond the everyday Good luck on your submission to Bites. I have two WIP's targeting Nocturne going on now.
(You can read the blurbs on my blog under What I'm Writing.)

Christina Phillips said...

Shelley I know, it's like safe places are really black holes, similar to whatever it is that swallows socks in the washing machine!

Kaye, I'm looking forward to reading Fancy Free too. And Nocturne authors definitely have to see beyond the norm, lol too funny! thanks for the good wishes and I'm off to read your blurbs now!

Anonymous said...

So glad you found your glasses again! Until I read that you'd lost them ages before, I thought you were going to say that you found them on top of your head. I've done that before.

Christina Phillips said...

Hahaha! Booklady, that made me laugh out loud. I've done that so many times in the past, it's got beyond embarrassing!!!

Barrie said...

This post reminds me that I must get a 2nd pair of glasses. I could not go back to my previous if I were to lose my current ones (or misplace them in a drawer for four months!! I'm giggling because I can see myself doing this!). I'd have severe headaches.

And I did see a cute pair of red frames....

Christina Phillips said...

Barrie, I do love the sound of red frames! Wonder if they have red ones at my local...?