Friday, January 18, 2008

Tarting Up

I have a love/hate relationship with my webiste. I use Frontpage and so long as you know what you're doing with it, everything is rosy.

Unfortunately, I rarely know what I'm doing and only just manage to muddle through to finish up with something vaguely resembling what I'd really like. Every few months I screw up my courage and decide to give it another go, and honestly I don't know why I bother because it invariably gives me a few hundred more grey hairs.

Anyway, New Year... etc. so I decided it was time to really try and get what I wanted. You might think I was after fancy bells and whistles but no. All I ever wanted was boxes. But could I ever find them? Umm, no.

In desperation, after I'd been fiddling about for countless hours, I ended up blubbering all over Amanda's shoulder (thankfully for her it was her virtual shoulder!). And she showed me the light by way of TABLES.

Oh yes! The wonder of tables. How had I never clicked onto this wondrous section of Frontpage before? So for the last week I've been happily playing with cell properties, padding and of course the tables.

Eventually of course I had to pluck up additional courage to actually publish the vamped up site. This always gives me palpitations, ever since I somehow managed to lose the entire backed up copies from my computer while uploading last year (thank god for my wonderful husband who somehow found a way to replace it all!)

Anyway, it's now done and I do love my boxes!!! Yes, I am very easily pleased...


Shelley Munro said...


It looks great! Funnily enough, I was updating my website yesterday and ran into problems with tables. I emailed my web guru in a panic and she fixed the code for me and sent me a list of instructions for next time. I LUV Frauke from Croco. I sent her a huge virtual hug. BTW, I worry we might end up looking like twins with matching fringes. I've been wrinkling my brow so much lately I need a fringe!

Anonymous said...

What I hate is that the harder it is to do something that I know I should be able to (like put boxes on a webpage), the more determined I am to do it. I can spend hours working on some stupid little piece of my template. Which is why I'm glad my current blog host won't let me tweak my template unless I shell out the cash. Now if only I can keep myself from giving in and handing over the money!

Anyway, I stopped by, and the page looks very nice. :-)

Christina Phillips said...

Haha Shel - too funny about the fringe thing! I got my hair done yesterday but the fringe is a bit on the short side, so I look slightly insane (at least it hides the wrinkles!)(and I've always wanted a twin!!)

booklady, I know exactly what you mean! I shudder to think how many hours I've procrastinated trying to figure out the simplest things on my website. I'm just not a very technie minded person.

And thank you both so much for your kind words about my boxes!!

Barrie said...

Well, just think of how far ahead of me you are! All I have so far is my blog. I know. I know. I need to get on the stick about the whole website thing!

Christina Phillips said...

Barrie, I know I moan about my website a lot, but it really is a lot of fun!!