Monday, January 07, 2008

Taking Stock

Currently I'm waiting to hear back from Nocturn on a partial, SSE on a query and Harlequin on a Spice Brief. I've also got a couple of projects out with various agents and am a third of the way through a final (!) edit of my 100k para.

I very much want to finish my Angel story which I began nearly a year ago and then abandoned two thirds of the way through. Unfortunately I didn't do an outline for this one, it was all in my head, and although I have the odd strange flash when I really concentrate, I fear I've forgotten all the little details I wanted to add. Oops!

For my sanity I also need to finish the bloody dead body book too, for no other reason than I hate to think it's beaten me!

I bought my son His Dark Materials trilogy for Christmas, and we finished them at the end of last week. We've now persuaded daughter #2 and she's mid way through book 2. For sheer curiosity as to how on earth the movie holds together without the teeth in the novels, they're now watching The Golden Compass and will report back to me shortly. Having seen a preview it looks absolutely gorgeous especially those daemons, but I'm happy to wait for the DVD.

Finally, I am sooo excited about our holiday to the Gold Coast in just under three weeks time. My inner child can't wait to visit all the theme parks!!


Amanda Ashby said...

You're going to the Gold Coast??? Why did I not know this? Anyway, you'll have a ball. I always liked Dream World the best but they're all good.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are doing so well with your writing! I'm impressed. Wish I had so many things out there. Good luck with all of those!

Shelley Munro said...

I love going to the Gold Coast. It's so much fun!
I thought you said you hadn't been very busy with your writing? You have heaps of hope in the mail. Good luck!!

Christina Phillips said...

Amanda, I like the sound of Dream World the best too! So long as I don't have to get wet I'll be happy!

booklady, thanks so much for your good wishes!

Shelley, ooh I love that - heaps of hope in the mail. I guess I do!

Barrie said...

Wow! You have a lot of stuff out there in the publishing world. What a way to enter 2008!

Phillipa said...

Yes. Wow! You've got a lot more projects on the go than me - sum total of one at 15k. Good luck with it all and have a great time on the Gold Coast. We have the very Grey Land here in the UK. P x

Christina Phillips said...

Barrie, I just hope some of it pays off!!

Phillipa, the weather's been very strange over here just lately, so I've got all my fingers crossed it's going to be sunny when we go away! Thanks so much for the good wishes!