Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mine to Possess Hottie Contest

The lovely Nalini is celebrating the upcoming release of the fourth full length entry in her Psy/changeling world, Mine to Possess. This book features a hot hero in the luscious Clay Bennett, and Nalini is running a contest where you get to rave/gush/cheer about your favourite hero(es).

Well it's a hard life having to trawl through pics of hot guys, but I've done my best and here is a selection of my current fave squeezes (yes only my current ones, I've recently reached the conclusion I'm a right hussy on the quite!!)

Okay here's one of Johnny Depp. I nearly went with the pirate image but decided this one was rather yummy!

And here is the divine Colin Firth as Mr Darcy. I tried very hard to find one of him just emerging from the lake, but the nearest I got was him dripping with disgusting brown water which didn't give the same effect at all!

Oh-KAY! Well phew. Look at this one of Hugh Jackman!! Hot or what???

Of course no list of hotties would be complete without the adorable Clive Owen, and here he is in a nice white shirt. Hmm. I just realised three of my boys are in white shirts. What does this mean??


Shelley Munro said...

You have very good taste, Ms. Phillips ;)

Christina Phillips said...

I like to think so, Shel!!!

Barrie said...

How fun! (I wonder if any of them has a hairy back. Tee hee.)

Christina Phillips said...

OMG Barrie!!!!

I hope not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!