Saturday, November 24, 2007

Moving Tales

Mid week, my eldest daughter decided she was returning home after 7 months away. Hooray! The only down side is it means hubby and I lose our office. Sniffle.

So it's been a mad shuffle to clear out the office/bedroom and relocate all our officy-things back into the family room. It should be pretty straightforward I suppose, but nothing is straightforward in this house! It's like the furniture multiples and nothing fits, and turns into a massive manouvre of jiggling everything around. Like a huge jigsaw with far too many pieces.

I thought I'd take the opporutnity to sort through my paperwork. Well. Gulp. I admit I'm a bit of a hoarder but I discovered RWAus magazines dating back to October 2003!! And even though there are heaps of great articles in all the issues, (a) I would never remember off hand what they were to look for them, and (b) if I did try and look for them, I'd spend forever locating which issue said article was in... so. Out they went. I felt quite dizzy after that endeavour!

Oh yeah - then right in the middle of shifting stuff, my hubby announces he is going to redecorate the front room. Nooooooooo... but yes and not only that he also decided to get new internal doors while he was at it.

I haven't done any writing for the last two days. Sigh.


Sara Hantz said...

I'll see your two days and raise you two...... and I have no excuses!!!!

Barrie said...

Yikes, Christina. Home improvements when attempting to write + having an extra person move back home + Christmas! Still, you never know how all this hub-bub will show up in your writing!

I've been thinking about painting the living room, but have decided I'm close enough to the edge as it is! :) (perhaps in the New Year?)

Christina Phillips said...

Sara, how about we embark on another Deal - on Monday we must both write one whole paragraph, and on Tuesday we'll up that to one whole page? We tried that way back in March 06 and it seemed to work (yes ok I had to rummage through my archives to discover the date!!!)

Hi Barrie! Yes it's total madness to start redecorating and renovating this close to Christmas. I think the New Year sounds absolutely right!

Amanda Ashby said...

Hahaha - omg, Christina - why are men so menish???? Anyway, hopefully your renovations get done, sanity maintained and Christmas dinner cooked!!!

Christina Phillips said...

Me too, Amanda - and I forgot to mention the bathroom is still being 'remodelled' - I sometimes think my husband is a bit of a masochist when it comes to home improvements!!