Monday, September 03, 2007

Writing, Dentists & Doctors

I just realised I haven't mentioned my writing for a while, so in case anyone thinks I'm slacking in that department (as if... ha ha) I'm up to Chapter Five on the wip. I'm loving it, but loving it mostly when I can just sit here and read it back to myself. This polishy draft is proving quite challening.

Today I took my son to have his first filling. He hadn't been looking forward to it, and was convinced he'd end up drooling so badly he'd need the day off school. I explained it was just a filling, not an extraction and he would be FINE!

Um, yeah. In the chair, after two injections, his adrenalin spiked and he went into shock. Let's not mention the shock his mother went into at this point. But we got through it and thankfully his threatened vomiting didn't occur - god I had nightmare visions of his projectiling it all over his uniform and all over me. SHUDDER.

So I took him into school...and of course three hours later they called me to take him home. I expect they were thinking along the lines of 'evil mother, fancy making him go to school when he can't even feel his tongue...'

In the meantime I took in a letter of referral from my GP to the hospital. I have no idea what the doctor was on when she did my letter. Of the six points she noted of my medical history, I had to cross four out and rewrite them, and apparently last year I suffered from first degree burns. Without being aware of them. Who knew? I'm just thankful I opened the bloody thing and read it first before taking it into the consultant!


Amanda Ashby said...

Argh, hugs to O - I hope he's feeling better now - this isn't going to improve the trust issues you have with dentists, is it??? As for the letter - well that's just a bit weird!!!! But at least you're writing and that's the main thing!!!

Christina Phillips said...

The letter was bizarre. A bit like falling into an alternate reality!

O is much better now thanks. Of course it's not just the school who think I'm an evil mother, but also all my family too. Le Sigh!