Sunday, November 26, 2006


Nothing much to report in my writing life, since I seem to have spent the last couple of weeks racing around like a headless chicken doing all sorts of non-writerly related stuff. At least I've managed to post off a couple of Christmas parcels to the rellies in the UK which is majorly amazing as usually I'm still panicking about doing that come15th December.

as for my ModX. Amanda once said her wip is the story that wouldn't die. Well all I can say about my wip is it's the story That Will Not End. After chopping out 21k, the word count is slowly creeping up again, and I'm currently at almost 62k with still three chapters to go (or thereabouts). On the plus side I still love this story which is surprising considering it's the third total rewrite I've given it!


Sara Hantz said...

Stop showing off about sending your pressies over. i'm not even planning to go shopping for my UK things until this coming Thursday..... hope they get there!!!

I'm not surprised you love the story - because it rocks!!!

Christina Phillips said...

I usually don't start shopping till the beginning of December either - that's why I'm so dazzled by my efficiency this year! (couldn't be a form of procrastination, could it...?)