Saturday, October 13, 2012

Out of Sight by Amanda Ashby

Huge congrats to Amanda Ashby on the release of the third book in her fabulous Sophie's Mixed-Up Magic series, Out of Sight! Isn't the cover cute!

Sometimes wishes do come true…

With her powers under control and things with Jonathan on track, Sophie can now focus on learning the whole truth about her dad (not to mention trying to figure out how she can save him and bring him back to their family). Fortunately, she’s got Malik, her djinn-guide, to help her as she navigates carpet-flying, learns how to make herself invisible, and braces herself for what promises to be a very exciting adventure. But if it brings her dad back, it will all be worth it!

 Sophie’s Mixed-Up Magic book 3
Out of Sight
Puffin October 11 October 2012
ISBN 978-0142416815
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