Monday, October 24, 2011

Sophie's Magical Covers!

My good friend and CP, Amanda Ashby, has just unveiled the covers for her upcoming MG series, Sophie's Mixed-Up Magic - and they totally rock!!! The model is exactly how we imagined Sophie looks and the little details on each cover, that tie in with each book, are just super cool.

The first two books, Wishful Thinking and Under a Spell are out in June 2012 and the third book, Out of Sight will be out a few months later.
And here is the unofficial blurb (culled directly from Amanda's blog!!)

The day before sixth grade Sophie Campbell accidentally gets turned into a djinn and then has to learn how to control her powers and hide it all from her mom (who is still super stressed since Sophie's dad walked out on them four years earlier). She also has to stop her new, recently-deceased djinn guide, Malik from ruining her life. Let's just say that chaos ensues!


Rachael Johns said...

They are some awesome covers!!! Congrats Amanda :)

Christina Phillips said...

They're great, aren't they Rach!

Mel Teshco said...

Nice covers - totally shows they are YA - actually great to see a cover without a clinch for a change LOL!

Christina Phillips said...

Haha, Mel - yes I know what you mean!!