Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day & Killing Your Darlings

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you all had a wonderful day with your human and/or fur babies. My lovely children framed the cover of Captive for me and it is completely awesome :-) unfortunately my photo skills are such that I can't enlarge it to show all the details!

I recently heard back from my editor on my current book. She had read the proposal - the first four chapters and synopsis (my chapters are quite short!) and had some excellent insights on the plot based on the synopsis I'd given her. Now, synopsis writing is not my strong point, especially when I haven't even written the book yet. I have enough trouble writing the thing after the book's finished! I don't even look at the synopsis after it's done so the book rarely follows my original ideas. However in this case, although I'd wandered away from the synopsis, the issues my editor pointed out were things I'd intended keeping.

After a mild panic attack (and a late night brainstorming session with the amazing Amanda!) I realized that no only was it all doable, but by doing it would clarify all the sticky bits at the beginning of the book that I'd earmarked as needing to be sorted out. Once again I'm amazed at just how much can be slashed and burned without making the entire plot disintegrate. It's hard to kill your darlings but sometimes it just has to be done!


Phillipa said...

Oh yes... I need to kill some of my darlings right now but haven't plucked up the courage yet. Thanks for reminding me - and I love your framed cover. :)

Christina Phillips said...

I was so sure this particular character was essential to the plot, and I really didn't want to kill her off. But the truth is she really complicated everything! I just hope to goodness my editor likes what I've done to the ms!

Good luck with bumping off some of your darlings, Phillipa :-)

and thank you - I just wish I could have posted a larger pic of the cover because it has all sparkly stars and things too!!!

Suzanne Brandyn Author said...

lol Christina I agree completely. I'm not good at synopsis writing at all, and killing off our darling is so so hard, but something many of us have to face.
Love your cover, enlarging. Open with microsoft picture editor, right click and edit, resize...I do it with most pictures.
Hope all is well.
Suz :)

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Phillipa! It does take nerves of steel. I take comfort from the fact they all still live in the original version of the ms, just in case I need to use them one day!!

Hey Suz! thank you so much for the tips, I'm hopeless :-)

As for the synopsis, I had to write another one on Friday. Hopefully I made a better job of that one!!!

btw sorry for lateness of replies, the email account these comments go to is playing up something chronic!